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The First Round Page 10 by HeartinaThePony

I gotta say, you did excellent on drawing the characters and the background looks pretty good. :) You even got the facial expressions pe...

As the title says, I am once again working on a new story. This time, it takes place in medieval times, but technology is around so it's sorta like in the Legend of Zelda games. The story mainly involves these 9 humanoid animals who go on a quest, the purpose of which I haven't come up with yet. Also, I don't have a name for the story.

These are the main characters so far:
1. Kitt, a male red fox who aspires to become a hero.
Weapons: A sword with a black blade and gold and blue hilt, a red and silver mirror shield, a wooden sword made from oak, a silver-bladed dagger with a gold and blue hilt, and two gold and red clawshots.

2. Aurora, a female arctic fox who is an ice mage. Her fur and mane also change color depending on the seasons (white fur and a pale blonde mane during Autumn and Winter and brown and white fur and a dark brown mane during Spring and Summer).
Weapons: A blue staff with a light blue snowflake on the top and a pair of daggers.

3. A male panther who is a wizard able to use many kinds of elemental magic. He has a staff and sword for weapons.

4. A male wolf who is a knight and Kitt's mentor in the ways of sword fighting.
Weapons: Sword, shield, and bow and arrow for battle.

5. Ethan, a brown mustang stallion who used to be a gladiator before joining the group. He also has the most physical strength out of everyone on the team.
Weapons: A gray and silver hammer and mace, each with a couple emeralds embedded in them.

6. Selene, a black Arabian mare. Her weapons are a pair of scimitars and a whip.

7. Alicia, a female Cheetah who is an expert archer. While she does come with a bow, quiver, and a seemingly unlimited supply of arrows for weapons, she also has a pair of large knives and aside from regular arrows, she can launch arrows that use fire, ice, and light magic. And quite obviously, she's the fastest runner on the team.

8. Alan, a raccoon who is master thief and is the comic humor on the team. His weapons are a cutlass sword and a pair of grappling hooks.

9. A female character whose name, animal species, and weapons are unconfirmed right now.

There's also a male hawk who is the only animal on the team who doesn't have a humanoid form, but is quite helpful on the team and is even capable of talking. Thanks to some magic, the hawk is also able to carry all nine of the travelers while in high speed flight.

If you have any questions about the story or any ideas for it, feel free to ask and share.


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