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Chapter 10: Family Bonding Times
- - - - -
8 2/3 months later (14 years in wolf years)…

A flash of black zips by though the tall grass followed by a larger flash of gray. Just then, the "gray object" takes a turn and comes out of the tall grass, revealing it to be Humphrey, with a complete muscular build like Garth.

"Looks like I finally win." Humphrey says, walking up to a large rock,

Just then, the flash of black comes into the clearing and hits Humphrey.

"Aah!" Humphrey cries as he goes airborne from getting hit,

Then the black flash zips to the top of the large rock just as Humphrey hits the ground, Humphrey looks toward the rock to see a young male wolf that resembles him, only half his size and with black and gray fur and brown-gray eyes.

"More like I win again." The young wolf says,

"You sure did Jet." Humphrey says as he gets back to his feet.

"So, what should we do now, Dad?" Jet asks Humphrey,

"How about we look for your cousin Ralph?" Humphrey asks his son, "We both know how he likes to hang out with us."

"Sure." Jet says, climbing down from the rock, "Race ya."

"You're on." Humphrey says, "But I know you'll beat me again."

"Anything you say, Dad." Jet says, taking off at high speed with Humphrey following after him.

Meanwhile, Garth, along with a young male wolf that resembles him, only smaller, with rust-red fur, and teal eyes, are seen targeting a pair of pinecones hanging from a low branch on a tree.

"Okay Hunter," Garth says to the younger wolf, "remember how I taught you this?"

"Yes, Dad." Hunter says, "I'm ready."

"Okay," Garth says, preparing to pounce, "Just watch and learn. 1… 2… 3!"

Garth jumps toward the tree branch and manages to snatch one pinecone off the branch.

"Okay, Hunter. Now you try." Garth says,

"Okay, Dad." Hunter says, getting ready to pounce. "1… 2… 3!"

Hunter jumps, but misses the pinecone and crashes into Garth, knocking the older flaming red wolf onto his side.

"Sorry Dad." Hunter says in a sad tone,

"Don't worry son, it was an accident." Garth says,

Meanwhile, in a small clearing, Kate is standing in the middle of the area as if listening for danger as a flash of red-orange passes from behind her, accidentally snapping a twig in the process. Kate, caught by the sound of the twig, turns toward where she heard it.

"You're not going to get me this time." Kate says in a sly tone as she walks toward the source of the sound.

Just then, the flash of red-orange swiftly jumps out from behind Kate and lands on her back and jumps again, catching the golden wolf by surprise and causing her to jump. Kate tries to see what landed on her, but only succeeds in landing on the ground on her back as she accidentally turned her whole body and the red-orange creature lands on her again, revealing to be a young female wolf that looks just like Kate, only half her size, and with red-orange fur and turquoise eyes.

"Gotcha, Mom." The young wolf says,

"You sure did, Wildfire." Kate says, rolling onto her side after Wildfire climbs off.

Just then, Jet and Humphrey zip past the two.

"Whoa!" Wildfire yells out as she rears up in surprise, bumping into Kate.

"Looks like they're up to it again." Kate says,

"Yeah, sure does." Wildfire says, getting back on all fours, "I wonder what Aunt Lilly and Cousin Star are up to."

"How about we go check?" Kate asks Wildfire.

"Sure." Wildfire replies, following after Kate.

Meanwhile, on the top of a small hill, Lilly and a young female wolf fully resembling her, only half Lilly's size, are seen lying on her backs, watching the clouds go by.

"Hey, that cloud looks like a butterfly." The younger white wolf says, pointing out the butterfly shaped cloud.

"Sure does, Star." Lilly replies, "And that one looks like a turtle."

"Good one, Mom." Star says, "I nearly missed that."

"Hello, ladies." Garth says, walking up to the pair.

"Hey Dad." Star says,

"How'd Hunter's training go?" Lilly asks her mate.

Garth cocks his head toward Hunter and Lilly looks to see her son hanging his head in a depressed way.

"Another failure?" Lilly asks Garth in a worried tone and Garth answers with a nod.

Lilly gets back onto her paws and walks over to Hunter.

"Don't worry," Lilly says soothingly to her son as she nuzzles him, "You'll get though eventually. Even I had hard times when Garth was teaching me some of his skills."

"Thanks, Mom." Hunter says, starting to cheer up a bit.

"Garth, why don't you take Hunter to Hutch and Wildflower?" Lilly asks her mate, "Aatu's probably gotten tired of being around his siblings by now."

"Sure." Garth says, "Aatu does enjoy his company after all."

Then Garth walks off with Hunter following and Lilly lies down on her back next to Star again.

Meanwhile, near a river, a young blue-silver and pink figure is walking through tall grass with a dark shadowy figure silently stalking it. Then the first figure comes out of the tall grass, revealing to be a young female wolf. She lowers her head and starts to drink from the river as the darker figure gets closer toward the her. Then the dark figure is revealed to be a young male wolf slightly resembling Jet, only with gray fur, blue-green eyes, and a dark gray mane with bangs. The male wolf grins widely and jumps.

"Got you!" the male wolf yells, but the female wolf ducks, causing him to miss her completely and crash into the river on his back, causing a big splash.

"You fall for that every time." The young female giggles as she pads over to him.

"She's right you know." a young male wolf slightly resembling Hutch says as he walks up to the pair, "You do."

Then Hutch and Wildflower come up, smiling as they were amused by what they just witnessed.

"Don't worry Ralph, you'll get it someday." Wildflower says to the young gray wolf.

"Thanks, Mom." Ralph says as he shakes the water off of him after getting back on his feet.

Just then, Garth and Hunter come up.

"Hi there." Garth says,

"Hi." Hutch replies upon seeing Garth.

Then the young female wolf runs over Wildflower and stands between her forelegs.

"Lupa, it's just your uncle Garth and cousin Hunter." Wildflower says softly to her daughter.

"Sorry," Lupa says, "It's just how I react when someone comes up. I'm not a crowd-girl after all"

"I know." Wildflower says as she gives Lupa a small lick on the muzzle.

Then Hutch walks over to Garth.

"What brings you here?" Hutch asks Garth,

"Hunter failed training again and I thought he'd like to hang out with your son, Aatu, so he could chill out." Garth replies.

"I'm okay with that." Hutch says, then he turns toward the young wolf that slightly resembles him, "What do you say Aatu?"

"Sure." Aatu says, "I never get tired with hanging out with Hunter and Wildfire."

"Okay." Garth says, walking off, "I'll be expecting Hunter home by sunset."

"Okay." Hutch says.

"So, what should we do?" Aatu asks Hunter,

"How about this: Tag, you're it!" Hunter says, bumping Aatu with his forepaw.

"Hey, no fair!" Aatu says playfully as he takes off after Hunter.

Meanwhile back where Lilly and Star are,
"There's a cloud that looks like a flower." Star says,

"Sure does." Lilly says, looking toward the cloud Star pointed out.

"And there's Aunt Kate and Wildfire." Star says,

Lilly looks all over the sky, but can't find the clouds that resemble Kate and Wildfire.

"Star, I don't see them. What're you talking about?" Lilly says, turning her head toward Star and notices the direction she's looking.

Then Lilly looks in the same direction Star has her head tilted and sees Kate and Wildfire walking up to them.

"Oh, hello there." Lilly says,

"Hi." Kate says back,

"What're you doing here?" Lilly asks,

"Wildfire and I wanted to see what you were up to." Kate says, "My guess is that you're seeing what shapes the clouds are making, right?"

"You're correct." Lilly says,

"Cool, I'd also like to see what different shapes appear in the clouds." Wildfire says,

"Well fell free to pick a spot." Lilly says,

"Now that I think about it, I'd also like to join." Kate says after looking up to see a cupcake-shaped cloud.

"Then why don't you join us?" Lilly asks,

"Sure." Kate says, lying down and rolling onto her back.

Meanwhile, a log is seen sliding down a hill with 6 figures riding it.

"Mooch! Lower the boom!" one of the wolves, Humphrey says,

Then Mooch hits the ground with his tail and the log goes airborne.

"Hang 10 boys!" Humphrey yells out as they do different poses,

Then the log hits the ground and everyone gets back in it.

"You were right Dad!" Jet says, "This is fun!"

"I told you so." Humphrey says,

"You're not the only ones enjoying this!" Ralph says,

"I can see that Ralph." Humphrey replies to his nephew, "Salty give us some sail draft!"

Salty rears up, going a surfer maneuver, "I think I taste the wind!" he says,

"You sure it's not another bug?" Jet asks,

"Nope I'm sure it's the wind." Salty replies,

Just then, a fly flies into Salty's open mouth.

"Okay, now it's a bug!" Salty says, spitting out the fly.

"Thought so." Jet says,

Humphrey amusingly laughs at Jet and Salty's conversation and looks back to where the log's going and sees a rock.

"BRAKES!" Humphrey yells out,

"Brakes?" the others ask as they peek out to see the rock up ahead.

Then the log hits the rock, sending everyone airborne. Then Mooch hits a dead tree trunk and half of it breaks off, creating another log sled and everyone that's airborne falls into the log.

"Good job Mooch!" Humphrey says,

"It was nothing." Mooch replies,

Further down the hill, Kate, Hutch, and Wildflower are seen training their pups. One of the pups, Wildfire, jumps off a small cliff, doing a couple flips before landing.

"Nicely done Wildfire." Kate says,

"Thanks Mom." Wildfire says,

Then another one of the pups, Aatu, jumps and lands onto Wildflower, knocking her down into successful pin.

"Good job, Aatu." Hutch says,

"Thanks." Aatu says,

Just then, the log Humphrey and the others were on comes sliding through the area.

"Look out!" Humphrey yells,

"Whoa!" Kate says as she jumps, grabbing Wildfire and sliding out of the log's path.

Then the log hits the small cliff Wildfire had jumped from earlier, sending the 6 wolves airborne once again. But instead of landing in another log, they all crash into a tree. Then they fall, Salty hitting the ground first, then Humphrey landing on top him, then Shakey, then Mooch, who flattens them with Jet and Ralph landing on top of him.

"Omegas." Aatu says in a disgusted way,

"Aatu, we'll have none of that." Hutch says to his son.

"Yes Dad." Aatu says,

Then Kate walks up to the Humphrey's group with an angry look on her face.

Humphrey manages to climb out of the wolf pile and sees Kate.

"Oops." Humphrey says weakly just before Kate pounces him, but Humphrey quickly flips over, pinning Kate down.

"You make this too easy now." Humphrey says to Kate.

"Well you nearly ran over our daughter." Kate says,

"Sorry!" Humphrey calls to Wildfire, then he turns back to Kate, "See, I'm responsible for things I do wrong."

"You only apologized to her." Kate says,

"I know." Humphrey says, "No hard feelings?"

"Not at all." Kate says, nuzzling Humphrey.

Then Humphrey gets off of Kate, allowing her to get back up, then Kate pounces again, attempting to pin Humphrey, but Humphrey quickly catches notice and flips after Kate knocks him down, once again pinning her.

"You almost had me there." Humphrey says, getting off of Kate.

"Dang, Dad!" Jet says, "How're able to get Mom every time without her getting you back?"

"Simple." Humphrey says, "When you pin them, hold down the legs too, that way they can't get you back."

"Cool." Jet says,

"By the way, what're Garth and Lilly up to with their pups?" Humphrey asks,

Meanwhile Garth is seen doing log lifts, then Hunter comes up.

"Hey Dad." Hunter says,

"Hey son." Garth says, what brings you here?

"Just thought I'd try learning how to hunt again." Hunter says,

"Okay." Garth says, dropping the log, "What do you want to do first?"

"How about you show me some your Alpha tricks first?" Hunter asks,

"Sure." Garth says as he walks over to a boulder about as big as him, "Watch this."

Garth puts his forepaws under the boulder and lifts it up over his head.

"Wow!" Hunter says in amazement, "That's a lot of strength!"

"Sure is." Garth says, dropping the log, "Now you try."

"Okay," Hunter says, walking over to a boulder twice Garth's height, "How about this one?"

"I don't know," Garth says in a concerned tone, "But you can try."

"Okay," Hunter says, then he attempts to lift the boulder.

Garth watches in amazement as his son easily manages to lift the huge boulder over his head,

"Whoa!" Garth says, "Now that is what I call strength!"

"Thanks," Hunter says, then he tosses the boulder into the air and it lands on top of another boulder.

Meanwhile, Lupa and Ralph are seen kicking an acorn through the air to one another.

"You kids are doing good." Wildflower says as she walks up,

"Thanks Mom." Lupa says as she kicks the acorn sky high and it lands in the nearby river.

"Oops." Lupa says,

"Don't worry about it." Wildflower says, "How about we play a different game?"

"Like what?" Ralph says as he walks up,

"How does Hide-and-seek sound?" Wildflower asks,

"Sure." Lupa and Ralph say at the same time.

"Okay, you go hide, and I'll count." Wildflower says, walking up to a large rock, covering her eyes, and starts counting.

"Let's go." Ralph whispers to Lupa and the hide behind a tree.

"…8… 9… 10!" Wildflower says as she uncovers her eyes.

Then Wildflower starts looking around for the two pups, unaware of Hutch and Aatu hiding in some tall grass right behind her.

"This is going to fun." Aatu whispers as he slowly walks toward Wildflower,

"Okay, on my signal, we'll jump for her." Hutch says,

"Right." Aatu replies,

Soon enough, Wildflower walks right into Hutch and Aatu's range.

"Now!" Hutch whispers and he jumps along with Aatu.

Wildflower sees Hutch and jumps out the way just in time for him to miss, but gets pounced by Aatu who pins her down.

"Gotcha!" Aatu says,

"You sure did." Wildflower says,

"Hey, where're the others?" Hutch asks, "I thought they were with you."

"They were playing hide-and-seek with me." Wildflower says,

"Well I think I see something over there." Aatu says, pointing to a tree.

Wildflower looks and sees a pink-gray tail sticking out from behind the tree and walks over to it.

"Hi there." Wildflower says as she goes around tree and finds Ralph and Lupa.

"Looks like you found us." Ralph says as he walks out from behind the tree.

Meanwhile, Kate and Wildfire are seen taking a walk through a small wooded area.

"Wait." Wildfire says, stopping,

"What?" Kate asks,

"I hear danger." Wildfire says, then she looks up, "Hornet nest! Caribou antler high!"

Kate looks up to see the hornet nest just above her head.

"Very good." Kate says as she and Wildfire resume their walk, "Wait! Now I see danger!"

"Where?" Wildfire asks,

"Rival wolf, dead ahead!" Kate says, "She looks kinda small, shouldn't be any trouble."

"Oh yeah?" Wildfire asks, turning to Kate, "I can be plenty of trouble!"

"No, you can't." Kate says playfully,

"Yes I can." Wildfire replies, then she charges Kate,

"Now you've had it!" Kate says as she dodges Wildfire,

"Gotcha!" Wildfire says, landing her forepaws on Kate's head.

Then Kate tilts her head, causing Wildfire to fall onto her back.

"Now who's got who?" Kate says and she brushes her nose against Wildfire's stomach, tickling her.

"Hey, I thought teaching others to have fun was my job!" Humphrey says in a playful tone, walking up to them,

"Well, you were late for the appointment." Kate says playfully back at Humphrey,

"Oh, that's what you think." Humphrey says, then he  pounces Kate and knocks her onto her back. "Pinned ya!"

"Really?" Kate says, rolling over on top of Humphrey, "More like I pinned you!"

"Oh no you don't!" Humphrey says, rolling over.

Then Kate and Humphrey reach a small hill and start rolling down it with Wildfire in pursuit. After reaching the bottom, Humphrey lands on top of Kate and pushes her legs against the ground.

"Gotcha." Humphrey says, nuzzling Kate.

"Come on! No matter what I do, you still win!" Kate says in a playful tone,

"Well maybe I'm just lucky." Humphrey says,

"It might help for me to catch up if you weren't rolling downhill!" Wildfire says, having just reached the couple,

"Well neither of us can control the speed of our rolling, Wildfire." Humphrey says getting off of Kate.

"We might as well get home soon." Kate says, getting up, "The Moonlight Howl's going to start after sunset and I don't want to miss dinner and grooming."

"Okay." Wildfire says, walking off to the dens.

Meanwhile, at sunset, Lilly and Star are seen walking through the eastern side of the territory.

"So, you fell in love with Dad at first sight, didn't you?" Star asks,

"Yes, I did." Lilly replies, "Such a shame he didn't though."

"But how'd he fall in love with you?" Star asks,

"It was when he was teaching me some skills he learned in Alpha school." Lilly says,
Garth was showing Lilly the log trick he did before and kicks the log, causing it to separate into ten different pieces and land in a stack.

"Vola! Dinner for 2!" Garth says, "It's a new move I've been working on for stalking prey."

"You're good." Lilly says, wagging her tail.

"Thanks," Garth says as he walks up to her, "Now you try."

"Uh… no. I'm not much of a hunter." Lilly says, backing into the tall grass.

"Come on, it'll be easy. Just do what I do." Garth says as he turns to a tree with 2 pinecones dangling from a low branch.

"Okay." Lilly says,

"Ready?" Garth says, getting into a pouncing position with Lilly doing the same.

"1…" Garth says, lowering his body,

"1…" Lilly repeats, doing the same as Garth

"2…" Garth says, moving his shoulders,

"2…" Lilly repeats, doing the same again,

"3!" Garth yells as he jumps, leaving Lilly behind.

Then Lilly jumps, but she misses getting a pinecone after Garth grabs one and goes flying into some tall grass.

"Lilly!" Garth says and runs into the tall grass to see Lilly sticking out of a tree stump.

Then Lilly pulls herself free of the stump and spins around on a piece of bark she had pulled out and it spin around a bit just before getting Lilly back onto her paws with the bark on her back.

"A turtle, right?" Garth says,

"I told you I don't hunt." Lilly says, lying down and backing into the alcove the bark made.

Garth walks up to Lilly and moves the piece of back off her and looks into her face.

"Maybe this will help." Garth says, before pushing Lilly's bangs aside, revealing her beautiful lavender eyes,

"Wow," Garth says in amazement,

"Wow, what?" Lilly asks,

"You're eyes," Garth replies, "They're beautiful!"

Lilly blushes from Garth's comment.
End of Flashback
"And that's how Dad fell in love with you?" Star asks Lilly,

"Yes," Lilly replies, "And I've been wearing my bangs pushed back ever since."

"Wow." Star says, "That's quite a story."

"I know." Lilly says,

"Telling her about how I fell in love with you, weren't ya?" Garth says, having appeared on top of a rock above his and Lilly's den.

"You got it." Lilly says,

"You two might as well eat up." Garth says, "The Moonlight Howl's tonight."

"Okay," Lilly says as she enters the den.
Chapter 10 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Well, what do you know?
The pups have grown up a bit and now they're hangin' out with their parents and other members of their family! :D

It now looks like they'll be going to the Moonlight Howl soon, but will they have fun?
Stay tuned for Chapter 11: Moonlight Howl, to find out! :aww:

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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Luvkipper Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
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Love this series, but an omega with a build like garth, kinda weird, but cool.
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Yeah, according to the actual 2nd movie, Humphrey did mention that he's an Alpha now.

Yeah, but Garth actually doesn't look that muscular in the series.
Luvkipper Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
I know, but he's still strong, so people might consider him muscular.
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Good point. Considering that he's into fitness.
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You just gotta love the pups' playful side. :D
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this is another great chapter you have written to have multiple people at once in your chapter.
i wonder though for how marcel and paddy put up with the kids ( for them to dog-piled, or almost tacked and get pinned at by them). it was cool for how you to have the families to assciate with anytime.
peace out form rockwolf577
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You got that right! :D

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Hmm...If the Alpha's are good at hunting, (let's say, strength), then the Omegas must be good at intelligence! :D

You know, planning, organizing, leadership, research and everything! It sure is a great nobility!
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011

Yep, those are what the Alpha's do! :D

Except that's not the Omegas' job. Their job is to remind everyone to have fun and to maintain peace in the pack.
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Oh I see! Like everyday's a holiday? :dance:
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JetDefender7 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
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When Jet beat Humphery but Jet was 14 and really fast so I guess he would have beet him anyway
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My favorite parts were: Kate with Wildfire and Hutch and Wildflower with their pups.
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DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Yeah that was good. :XD:
And I think you meant "Wildfire"? :XD:

No, no. It was Lupa he tried to pounce, remember? :XD:
Yeah, I wanted to have Aatu show a playful side to when he hung out with Hunter. :aww:
It was just one acorn, and yes that was also a good scene. :aww:
FaPingMulan Featured By Owner May 27, 2011
I think there was a typo as I could've sworn when I read it, it didn't say Wildfire but yes that's what I meant lol XD

Oh yeah that's right.

Yep it's nice to see a playful side of Aatu.
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner May 27, 2011
Well, it's easy to get Wildflower and Wildfire's names mixed up. :XD:

Silly. :XD:
Aatu does pounce his mother about twice in this chapter though. :aww:

Yeah, shame lost his "sense of humor and playfulness" when they got relocated. All he wanted was to get home and was going to stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.
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Yeah, those parts were pretty good. :XD:
:bulletblack: The part where Garth was teaching his son how to hunt was pretty good. :aww:
:bulletblack: Yeah that was good. What're the odds of Mooch hitting that tree and making a new log!? :XD:
:bulletblack: Which one, there are 2 scenes between Lilly and Star in total. :)
PrincessRapunzel1995 Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I like them both ^-^
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
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