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June 26, 2011
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Chapter 12: Midnight Fun
- - - - -
After the Moonlight Howl, Star was in a clearing, lying on the grass and looking up at the night sky in complete silence, lost in her own thoughts. Suddenly, Star hears something and jumps up, slightly startled by it. Then she walks to where the sound came from.

"Is anyone there?" Star says, then she suddenly gets pounced and pinned to ground.

Star looks up to see that it's just her mother, giggling at how she caught Star off guard.

"Gotcha." Lilly says as she give Star room to get up,

"You sure did." Star says as she gets back on her paws, "But I would've gotten you pinned if you didn't catch me off guard."

"Are you sure about that?" Lilly asks,

"Yes," Star says, followed by a playful growl.

"Then lets see about that." Lilly says she jumps over Star,

"Hey!" Star says, giving chase on Lilly,

After running for a short time, Lilly stops to look back to see her daughter running up to her. After getting close enough, Star jumps at Lilly, knocking the older white wolf onto her back with the teenage pup on top of her.

"Gotcha." Star says as she cuddles her head against Lilly's.

"You sure did." Lilly says,

Meanwhile, near the dens, Kate and Wildfire were play hunting, and Kate was the caribou.

"This caribou's mine!" Wildfire says as chases Kate,

"This reminds me of when I used to do this with you Aunt Lilly when we were your age." Kate says to her pursuer.

"Cool." Wildfire says, then she jumps over a log and lands in front of Kate and tags her, "Gotcha!"

"Well, here I come!" Kate says as she chases her daughter,

"You can't catch me!" Wildfire says,

"Well you can't escape the greatest Alpha ever!" Kate says before running into a tree,

"Looks like I just did!" Wildfire says as she slides to a stop,

"I'm not backing down from this one!" Kate says as she quickly recovers,

"Last one to the den gets the first piece of morning caribou!" Wildfire says as she runs off,

"We'll see about that!" Kate says as she gives chase,

The two wolves finally reach their den and Wildfire goes to the opening.

"Looks like I win." Wildfire says,

"You sure did." Kate says, "I wonder what Humphrey's doing."

Kate and Wildfire go into the den and see Humphrey talking to Jet and Ralph.

"No way!" Ralph says,

"You bet!" Humphrey says, "If I wasn't there to save Kate, she would've fallen into that mudslide."

"Telling the kids about our adventure from Sawtooth to Jasper again, aren't you?" Kate asks Humphrey, catching him, Jet, and Ralph slightly by surprise.

"At least I'm not trying to be a superhero in front of them." Humphrey says,

"Well, it's past bedtime so Ralph will have to go home now." Kate says,

"Okay," Humphrey says, "See you tomorrow, Jokster."

"Until then Uncle Humphrey." Ralph says as he heads home,

Meanwhile, Wildflower and Lupa were taking a walk home.

"You know Lupa, you were pretty good back there when we were alone." Wildflower says,

"Really?" Lupa asks,

"Of course." Wildflower says as she nuzzles her daughter, "I told you that you had a nice howl and you."

Lupa slightly blushes at her mother's comment,

"There's the den." Wildflower says,

Then Wildflower and Lupa go up to the doorway and see Hutch and Aatu play wrestling.

"Gotcha!" Hutch says as he pins Aatu,

"Not for long!" Aatu says as he pushes Hutch off him with his hind legs.

Then Aatu tackles Hutch, pinning him to the ground and he growls playfully while tugging on his ear.

"Looks like you two still have some Omega blood in you." Wildflower says she and Lupa walk into the den, amused at what she saw.

"What can we say?" Hutch asks, "Play fights do help others learn how to defend themselves after all."

"Hello!" a voice says, startling Wildflower, causing to jump and she does a 180 spin to see Ralph standing in front of her.

"Good one, Ralph!" Lupa says as she laughs, amused by what happened,

"Thanks." Ralph says as he walks into the den,

"Well, save your energy for tomorrow." Hutch says, "It's past bedtime."

"Okay," Lupa says as she lies down,

Meanwhile, near Lilly and Garth's den Garth and Hunter were working out, Garth was doing some tree squats and Hunter was doing a couple log lifts. Then Tony comes up.

"Shouldn't you be doing that during daylight?" Tony asks,

"You got a point." Garth says, dropping the log, "We're just stocking up for tomorrow."

"Well, we should be asleep by now." Tony says,

"Well, I don't want to sleep without Lilly." Garth says, "Where is she anyway?"

"Looking for me?" Lilly says as she and Star walk up, "Now how about we get to sleep?"

"About time." Tony says as he heads for the den.

"Come on, Hunter." Garth says,

"But I'm too worked up to sleep!" Hunter says, then he gets an angry glare from Lilly,

"On second thought…" Hunter says, just before running into the den,

Soon enough the family settles into the den.

"Hey Mom, can you tell me a story?" Star asks Lilly, "They always help me sleep."

"Sure." Lilly says,

Lilly starts telling Star the story about Kate and Humphrey's journey from Sawtooth to Jasper, when she reaches the part where Kate and Humphrey were climbing the snowy mountain to reach the Canadian Express, Star had fallen asleep.

"You look cute when you sleep." Lilly says, nuzzling her before falling asleep herself.
Chapter 12 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Looks like everyone was having fun that night, as well a couple games too. :XD:

I wonder what'll happen the next day...
Stay tuned for Chapter 13: A Dangerous Stunt, to find out! :aww:

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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RockWolf577 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
this was a good chapter to begin with when the families were coming home after their adventure with "midnight Howl". it is good to end with the families all going to end with, and to find out what is going to find out tomorrow or the next chapter.
peace out from rockwolf577
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
Thanks. :D

Yeah, it's nice for them to have some fun with others after the Moonlight Howl. :aww:
creepsome Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
Well this was a fun chapter
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
I know. :D
cgangsoldia Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
wow this is going to be weird if alpha and omega 2 has kate and humphrey have pups in that one too :P
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
How so? :)
cgangsoldia Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
because if it does im sure the names wont be the same, lol

ill be like "huh? his name is Jet, oh wait" haha
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
True. But this is MY version. :XD:

FaPingMulan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011
awwwww another well written chapter. So nice to see everyone having a good time together, keep up the good work ;3
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
Thanks. :D
What would have to be your fav. parts? :)

One of the parts I enjoyed was when Lilly started telling Star the story at the end of the chapter. :aww:
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