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June 28, 2011
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Chapter 14: Newcomers
- - - - -
A week later after the dare, Jet and Ralph were free to go out again and avoided doing anything dangerous as they knew they'd get into trouble again. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the pack territory, Garth and Hunter were playing tag, and Garth was the "caribou".

"You can't get me!" Garth calls to his son,

"Oh yes I can!" Hunter says, then he cuts in front of his father.

Garth then looks toward where he's going and sees Hunter appear.

"Surprise!" Hunter says as he pops out,

Garth, taken by surprise, tries to stop, but skids across the ground and right into Hunter. Then Garth lands on his back with Hunter on top.

"You're it!" Hunter says, jumping off his father and running off.

"Hey, you snuck up on me! It wasn't fair play!" Garth says playfully as he chases his son,

"There was nothing in the rules about using an ambush!" Hunter says, "Ambushes are what's used to catch unexpecting caribou!"

Garth continues to chase after Hunter then he encounters a female red-orange wolf with green eyes in his path.

"Look out!" Garth calls out to the other wolf as he tries to stop,

Too late.
Garth crashes into the female wolf as she looks and they hit the ground.

"Sorry about that Ma'am." Garth says as the female wolf climbs off him,

"Don't worry about it." The female wolf says, "I didn't notice you either."

"You okay?" Hunter says as he comes up,

"Yeah, I'm fine." Garth says, then he turns to the female wolf, "I haven't seen you around here before, what's your name?"

"Niara." The female wolf replies, "I was looking for someone who went by the name Tony. You know anyone of that name?"

"Yes, the leader of the eastern side here is named Tony." Garth says,

"Would you mind taking me to him?" Niara asks,

"Sure." Garth says as he and Hunter walk off, "Come with us."

Niara follows Garth and Hunter to the dens on the eastern side of the territory, then they go to Garth and Lilly's den and they find Tony.

"Hey Garth nice to see you're back." Tony says "And it looks like you found a friend."

"Yeah, her name's Niara." Garth says,

"Niara?" Tony says, "That was the name of-"

Tony slowly starts to realize who Niara is.

"Niara?" Tony asks in a quiet and surprised tone, and Niara nods,

"Wow, it's been so long." Tony says,

"You bet it has." Niara says, then she pounces Tony and pins him.

"Hey, easy!" Tony says in a playful tone, "I'm too old for this!"

"Oh please!" Niara says, "I know you still have some pup in you."

"Excuse me," Garth says, "Did I… miss something?"

"Garth, Niara here is your mother." Tony says,

"My… mother?" Garth asks in surprise,

"You bet, son." Niara says,

"Wow, things sure have unusual ways of unraveling themselves." Garth says,

"So, Tony, what has changed since I was gone?" Niara asks here Tony as she gives him room to get up,

"Three things, first off, the western and eastern packs united." Tony says as gets back onto his paws,

"Really?" Niara asks,

"Yes," Tony says, "Garth married Winston's daughter to unite the packs and to prevent fights during hunts."

"Wow, guess Kate's a member of the family now." Niara says,

"Actually, it was Lilly that Garth married." Tony says,

"Lilly? But she's an Omega." Niara says,

"That's the second thing." Tony says, "The law between Alphas and Omegas was demolished. So Alphas and Omegas are allowed to mate."

"Interesting." Niara says, "What's the third?"

"You're a grandmother." Tony says,

"Really?" Niara asks,

"You bet." Garth says, "And young Hunter here is one of your two grandpups."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Hunter." Niara says,

"Same here, Grandma." Hunter says,

"So, where's the other pup?" Niara asks,

"She's with Lilly on the western side of the territory." Garth says,

"Think I can go see her?" Niara asks,

"Sure." Garth says as he and Hunter start to leave the den, "They're probably on their way back and we can meet them along the way."

"Okay." Niara says as she follows Garth and Hunter,

Soon enough, Garth sees Lilly and Star entering the clearing.

"Oh, perfect timing." Garth says, "Come on Mom, this way."

Garth, Hunter, and Niara climb down from the dens and walk over to Lilly and Star.

"Hey Garth." Lilly says,

"Hey Lilly." Garth replies, "There's someone here I'd like you and Star to meet."

"Who?"  Star asks, then Niara walks up..

"Lilly, Star, this is my mother, Niara." Garth says, then he turns to Niara, "Mom, this my mate, Lilly, and my daughter, Star."

"Nice to meet you two." Niara says,

"Same here." Lilly says,

"By the way, mind if I meet your parents?" Niara asks,

"Sure." Lilly says, "Come with me."

Lilly and Niara walk off to the western side to find Winston and Eve.

Meanwhile, on the western side of the territory, Humphrey, Wildflower, Jet, and Lupa were taking a walk, suddenly Wildflower picks up a scent and starts sniffing the area.

"What is it?" Humphrey asks,

"I got a scent." Wildflower says, "It's strange, but familiar at the same time."

"Let's find out what it is then." Humphrey says, then he and Wildflower follow the scent.

Soon enough, Humphrey and Wildflower find out where the scent is coming from and encounter two wolves, one a male wolf with blue-gray fur and brown eyes and the other a female with dark red fur and aqua eyes.

"Mom? Dad?" Wildflower asks upon seeing the two wolves.

"Wildflower?" the male asks, Wildflower responds with a nod.

"Mom and Dad?" Humphrey says in his mind, then he remembers his past with parents.

"Wow, it's been so long." The female says as she nuzzles Wildflower,

"I know." Wildflower says, "You remember Humphrey, right?"

"Hey guys." Humphrey says as he walks up,

"Humphrey!" the female says as she nuzzles Humphrey,

"Hey Mom." Humphrey says as he nuzzles the female back,

"Okay, did we miss something here?" Jet asks, confused by what he was witnessing,

"Jet, these two are Conrad and Danielle, my and Humphrey's parents." Wildflower says,

"And also parents from my father's side?" Jet asks,

"You bet." Humphrey says,

"Wow, sure is nice to finally meet you." Jet says,

"Same here." Conrad says,

"By the way, this here is my little girl, Lupa." Wildflower says, introducing her daughter to her parents,

Lupa runs over to Wildflower and hides behind her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Danielle asks,

"Lupa's a little shy, she's not used to newcomers." Wildflower says,

"Well, I don't blame her." Conrad says,

"Are these the only pups?" Danielle asks,

"No." Humphrey says, "I also have a daughter and Wildflower also has two sons."

"Can we meet them?" Danielle asks,

"Sure." Wildflower says, "We can even introduce you to our mates."

"Okay." Conrad says, "Who are your mates anyway?"

"Mine is Hutch, the second in command of the western side." Wildflower says,

"And mine is Kate, the daughter of the Alphas." Humphrey says, "And both our mates are Alphas."

"Wait," Danielle says, "Your both Omegas, how're you mates Alphas?"

"A while back, the western and eastern packs united." Wildflower says,

"Yeah, the marriage was originally between Kate and the son of the eastern Alpha, but the male Kate was betrothed to was in love with her sister, Lilly." Humphrey says, "Not to mention Kate was in love with me as well from when I helped her out a couple times."

"And since Lilly was also the daughter of the western Alphas, she too could marry the son of the eastern Alpha, but the leaders had to demolish the social rule between Alphas and Omegas in order to unite the packs." Wildflower adds,

"Interesting." Conrad says, "How about we go meet the rest of the family now?"

"Sure." Humphrey says as he and Jet walk off, "This way."

Wildflower, Lupa, Conrad and Danielle follow Humphrey and they arrive at the dens and encounter Winston and Eve.

"Hey, Winston, Eve." Humphrey says,

"Hey, Humphrey, what's going on?" Eve replies,

"We got some visitors." Humphrey says, then he gestures over to Conrad and Danielle.

"Conrad?" Winston asks,

"Hey, Winston." Conrad says, "It's been a while."

"Sure his old friend." Winston says, "Or should I say, brother-in-law?"

"My mate and I already know about the pups." Conrad says, "We were looking forward to meeting them."

"Well, there are some right now." Winston says, pointing to Hutch's den, where he, Aatu, and Ralph were.

"Okay, let's go." Conrad says,

The group walks over to Hutch's den to meet the others.

"Hey Wildflower." Hutch says,

"Hey Hutch." Wildflower replies, "We got company."

"And who might you be?" Hutch asks Conrad and Danielle,

"I'm Conrad, and this is my mate, Danielle." Conrad says,

"We're your mate's parents." Danielle adds,

"Well it's nice to meet you." Hutch say, then he turns to his pups "These here are my sons, Aatu and Ralph. Aatu, Ralph, this is Conrad and Danielle. They're your grandparents from you mother's side."

"Hi." Ralph says

"Nice to meet you." Aatu says,

"Same here." Conrad says,

Humphrey looks to the side and sees Kate and Wildfire coming up.

"Well, look who it is." Humphrey says, "They're back already."

Conrad and Danielle look to see Kate and Wildfire.

"I gotta say Humphrey, you got yourself a real good looking one there." Danielle says, slightly nudging Humphrey,

"Thanks." Humphrey says, "Now come on if you want to meet them."

Humphrey, Jet, Conrad, and Danielle walk over to Kate and Wildfire.

"Hey, Humphrey." Kate says, "Who're the newcomers?"

"These are my parents, Kate." Humphrey says,

"Name's Conrad," Conrad says,

"And I'm Danielle." Danielle says, "Nice to meet you."

"Same here." Kate says, then she turn to Wildfire, "And this here his my and Humphrey's daughter, Wildfire."

"Hi." Wildfire says,

"Hello there," Danielle says, "Sure is nice to see the daughter of the western side Alphas."

"You know, it's close to lunchtime. Would you like to join us?" Kate asks,

"Sure." Conrad says, "We've been walking for quite a while and we could use a good meal."

"Okay, come with us then." Kate says as she, Humphrey, Wildfire, and Jet walk off with Conrad and Danielle following.

After reaching the den Lilly, Star, and Niara had already met Winston and Eve.

"Hi there." Kate says, "Who's this?"

"The name's Niara." Niara says, "I'm Garth's mother."

"Nice to meet you." Kate says, "I'm Kate, this is my mate Humphrey, these are our pups Wildfire and Jet, and these are Humphrey's parents, Conrad and Danielle."

"Nice to meet all of you." Niara says,

"Same here." Humphrey says,

"Well, it's close to lunch, shall get a bite?" Lilly asks,

"Sure, let's all go in." Eve says as she enters the cave followed by everyone else.
Chapter 14 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Well, isn't this a surprise? Looks like Garth's mother and Humphrey & Wildflower's parents have appeared. This sure is an unexpected twist. :XD:

Stay tuned for Chapter 15: Dinnertime Stories, to find out what happens next! :aww:

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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RockWolf577 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
DUDE, this a great chapter you have writting. you have introduced garth's mother, also, humphrey's and wildflower's parents to be introduced (NICE ONE).they must've been gone for a long time to see that they're surprised about the changes to the park.
peace out from rockwolf577
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