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July 29, 2011
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Chapter 16: Camp Invasion
- - - - -
The next day, Kate, Lilly, and their mates were taking a walk near a river.

"Sure is nice out today." Lilly says,

"You're right about that," Humphrey says,

Just then, some screaming is heard and Wildfire, Star, Jet, and Hunter run up to their parents.

"What the-!?" Lilly says as Star hides under her,

Just then Can-du comes from where the pups came from and skids to a halt upon seeing the group.

"What happened this time?" Kate asks Can-du suspiciously,

"They were eating a caribou I called dibs on." Can-du says,

"Well you can't blame us, we didn't know!" Hunter says, and he receives a growl from Can-du.

"Can-du, remember the penalties?" Kate asks,

"'Penaties'?" Can-du asks,

"Yes, remember what happens to those who harm the leaders' pups or even attempts to?" Garth adds,

"Oh." Can-du says, "My apologies."

"Taken. Just don't do it again." Kate says,

"Agreed." Can-du says and he walks off,

"He better not do it again." Lilly says,

"I'll make sure of that." Garth says,

"Well, at least he was the only danger we've had today." Jet says,

"Don't be so sure, son." Humphrey says, "I wouldn't even be surprised if a bunch of poachers camped out near the territory."

Later that night, Garth, Niara, Hunter, and Jet were enjoying a moonlight stroll. Then Niara spots something in the distance.

"Hey, look." Niara says, and everyone else looks to see a red-orange speck in the distance.

"Campfire." Garth says, "Probably poachers."

"Jet, get the others." Niara says,

"Okay." Jet says, taking off at high speed,

A few moments later, Claw, Scar, Hutch, Aatu, Ralph, Conrad, Salty, Shakey, Mooch, Can-du, and Humphrey come up with Jet.

"You called for us." Claw says to Garth,

"Yes." Garth replies, "Look over there."

"Campfire?" Humphrey says as he spots the fiery speck.

"Could be poachers." Garth says,

"Jet, recon." Humphrey says,

"Got it." Jet says, then he runs off and comes back in 2 minutes.

"Report." Humphrey says,

"It's poachers alright." Jet says,

"Mom?" Garth asks Niara,

"Come on." Niara says as she heads for the camp.

Everyone else shrugs and the follows Niara. Soon enough, they reach the camp and hide behind the rocks and foliage.

"Why're we down here?" Claw asks Niara,

"You know how humans hunt the alphas for sport?" Niara asks, "Well, Garth and I have always wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine."

"I take it that it's also revenge for when you got captured by some poachers too, huh?" Scar asks,

"You bet." Garth says,

"What's the first thing we do?" Shakey asks,

"We grab their guns and knives." Humphrey says, "Without them, they're defenseless."

"Okay." Conrad says, then he, Scar, and Jet go toward the camp.

"I'll keep a lookout." Niara says and she looks over the rock she's hiding behind and notices something about the poachers which catches Garth's attention.

"Mom, what is it?" Garth asks,

"The poachers." Niara says, "They're the same ones who captured me."

Meanwhile, Jet had gotten his paws on a few of the pistols while Conrad got the rifles, then they return to the hiding places.

"We got the weapons." Conrad says,

"Good work." Niara says, "But where's Scar?"

"Right here." Scar says, dragging a bag behind them, "I thought we could find use for the contents of this sack."

Niara, Humphrey, and Claw look through the bag and pull out 3 flashlights, 2 bricks, a bunch of rope coils, 3 large blankets, a couple snare traps, a couple dynamite sticks, some firecrackers, a few spools of string, a lead pipe, 2 nets, 2 jars of jam, a clothing iron, 2 matchboxes, and a tire.

"Most of these will be useful." Conrad says,

"I have an idea for these." Humphrey says,

After a few moments, one of the poachers went into a tent, and a scream came from it.


"QUIET!" the lead poacher says, "We done want to alert any of the animals to our presence!"

"Agreed, sir." the other poacher says,

"Bob, get a gun. Find the thieves." The lead poacher says,

"Got it, boss." Bob says as he goes to get a gun, "Uh, sir? We got a problem."

"What?" the lead poacher says,

"The guns are gone." Bob says,

"What else was stolen?" the leader asks,

"Some blankets, flashlights, some snare traps, some string spools, and one of our truck's spare tires." another poacher says,

"Blast." the leader says, pulling out his knife, "Spread out, find the thieves."

The poachers exit the camp in different directions searching for their items and one of them finds a gun.

"There you are." the poacher says as he picks up the gun, pulling a string which causes the clothing iron to fall off the tree and falling on the poacher, knocking his lights out, then a net disguised on the ground sweeps him off his feet and traps him.

"One down, 4 to go." Scar says to Salty and Shakey,

Meanwhile, Bob was searching around the truck unaware of Hunter with one of the bricks on the roof.

"Heads up!" Hunter says, catching Bob's attention and he drops the brick, hitting Bob square on the head, knocking him out.

"Nice one." Garth says to Hunter,

"Thanks, Dad." Hunter says,

Meanwhile another poacher was searching around the clothesline, just then, he hears something and the last thing he sees is a wooden boomerang hitting him in the face.

"Perfect headshot." Ralph says as he catches his boomerang.

"And right in the face too." Conrad says, "That's quite an aim."

Meanwhile the leader and another poacher meet up near the truck.

"Anything, Carlos?" the leader asks,

"I found 3 of the rifles and 2 revolvers, Darwin." Carlos says to his boss.

"Good work, now we can take out the thieves," Darwin says, "You search around the truck."

"Got it." Carlos says, then he goes to the truck and sees Bob regaining from unconsciousness.

"Bob, what happen to you?" Carlos asks,

"I don't know." Bob says, "The last thing I remember seeing was a coyote dropping a brick on me."

"Actually, I'm a wolf." Hunter whispers from the shadows,

"Maybe you were seeing things," Carlos says, "The woods can play tricks on your mind."

"Yeah, maybe I was seeing things." Bob says, then he trips and gets dragged under the truck followed by punching sounds.

"Bob?" Carlos asks, then Mooch jumps off the truck and on top of Carlos. Then Hunter comes up and hits Carlos in the head with a brick, which shatters after impact and KOs Carlos.

"He'll feel that in the morning." Mooch says,

Meanwhile, another poacher was walking around having found a revolver and notices the poacher in the net.

"Oh Larry, what'd you get yourself into this time?" the poacher says as he cuts the net, dropping him on the ground and waking him with a start.

"What the-!?" Larry yells out upon waking up,

"You were trapped in a net." The poacher says after helping Larry to his feet,

"We better get back to camp, the boss may be wondering where we are." Larry says,

The 2 poachers enter the camp and find Bob and Carlos knocked out near the truck.

"I'll get them in." Larry says, "You find the boss, Eric."

"Got it." Eric says,

Soon enough, the boss returns after Larry gets Bob and Carlos in the truck.

"Larry, report." Darwin says,

"No sign of the thieves, but I found Bob and Carlos knocked out and got them on the truck." Larry says,

"Good work." Darwin says,

"Hey guys." Eric says, "Seen the thieves?"

"No, we haven't." Darwin says, unaware of Aatu leaving a trail of jam leading into the truck with some ants following it.

After dunking the rest of the jam on Bob and Carlos, Aatu quietly runs off, but catches the attention of the 3 poachers in the process.

"Did you see that?" Larry asks,

"Yes." Darwin says, "Let's get it."

"Nice touch with the jam, Aatu." Hutch says,

"Thanks Dad," Aatu says,

Just then, Can-du notices the poachers approaching them.

"Poachers!" Can-du whispers, "Run for it!"

The gang runs in different directions, hiding in various spaces.

"Where are they…?" Eric says as he looks around the area, then he notices a furry red-orange tail sticking out of a bush and points to it, alerting Darwin and Larry to it.

"I got you now." Darwin says, then he steps on the tail, causing Niara to scream and jump out of her hiding place.

"Whoo! Look who it is!" Larry says,

"Well, it's been a long time since I've seen you." Darwin says, pulling out a tranquilizer gun. "Looks like I get to catch you again."

Niara makes a run for it, but doesn't get far and finds herself trapped between a cliff wall and the poachers.

"I've got you now, just like last time." Darwin says as he aims his gun at Niara, who's now backing away against the wall on her hind legs.

Just then, a scream is heard in the distance.

"Back to the camp! Double time!" Darwin says, then he and the other 2 poachers run back to the camp.

"Whew, that was close." Niara says, sliding onto her back, nearly passed out.

Back at the camp, Darwin, Eric, and Larry see Bob and Carlos moving around like crazy due to the ants on them.

"Dance on your own time!" Darwin says, throwing a bucket of water at the 2 poachers, washing the ant off them.

"Don't blame us!" Bob says, "Someone lured ants into the truck onto us!"

Just then, something sparks near the campfire, catching the poachers attention and they look to see the entire camp ground littered with firecrackers, and one of them had a lit fuse.

"Get in the truck." Darwin says, then the firecrackers go off,

"Get in the truck!" Darwin yells and the poachers enter the truck and drive off.

"That gets rid of them." Garth says after the truck disappears,

"Sure does." Niara says,

"And best of all, we got some things we can use for our dens like the blankets." Ralph says, and everyone just stares at him.

"He's got a point." Niara says,

"Speaking which, we might as well get back to the dens. I'm tired." Humphrey says as he walks off.

"He's right." Conrad says, "Let's go."
Chapter 16 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Looks like the gang has decided to pull a few pranks on some poachers who were camping out near the pack border. Turns out they're also the same poachers who kidnapped Niara from the Eastern Pack years ago too and boy was it a close call for her! But at least the hunters were run out of the park without her! :D

But what about the items the wolves still have, what use will they be? :)
Stay tuned for Ch. 17: Scavenger Hunt to find out! :D

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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