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November 17, 2011
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Chapter 17: Scavenger Hunt
- - - - -
The next morning, Kate wakes up to find herself sleeping on one of the blankets Humphrey stole from the human camp. Then she notices Humphrey sleeping right next to her.

"Humphrey, where'd you get this?" Kate asks,

"Poachers' camp." Humphrey mumbles half asleep,

"Oh boy." Kate says, "You may act more like an Alpha, but you still have that Omega attitude."

"What can I say?" Humphrey asks, sitting up, "It's in my blood."

"Just how many more objects did you take from the camp?" Kate asks,

"2 more blankets, a few spools of string, a lead pipe, a net, and a tire." Humphrey says,

"Oh, now you've crossed the line." Kate says, standing up and gets ready to tackle Humphrey,

"Don't even-" Humphrey says, but he's cut off by Kate's pounce.

Kate thinks she got Humphrey, but soon notices she's on her back on the blanket and with Humphrey on top of her.

"Seriously?" Humphrey says, "This is getting old. You gotta admit the blanket makes a softer bedding though."

"Guess you're right." Kate says, then she focuses on how the blanket feels, "It is soft. Wildfire can get to sleep more easily this way."

"Exactly why I brought it here." Humphrey says, "Garth and Hutch have the other two blankets though."

"For their own bedding I believe?" Winston says, having woken up along with Eve from hearing Kate and Humphrey's conversation,

"Yeah." Humphrey says, "But the good thing is that we chased some poachers out of the park last night."

"Really?" Eve says,

"Yeah. I was pretty easy." Humphrey says,

"Oh, what a nice boy." Eve says, stroking Humphrey's mane with her paw,

"Niara planned the whole thing though." Humphrey says, "Most of the credit goes to her."

"Well she sure knows a lot about protecting Jasper." Winston says,

"Yep." Humphrey says, "Not to mention Aatu pulled a prank with 2 jars of jam at the camp by luring ants with it onto some of the poachers and boy did they react."

"Heh, I always thought he'd show his omega side sooner or later." Winston says,

"And he sure did." Humphrey says,

Just then, Mooch and Reba come by the den.

"Hey there everyone." Mooch says,

"Hey Mooch." Kate says, getting onto her feet after Humphrey gets off, "What brings you and Reba here?"

"Our little girls wanted to come over." Reba says,

Then two female pups come in, one of them with brown and tan fur with brown eyes named Tami and one with tan and white fur with a mane similar to Reba's named Talluah, come into the den.

"Hey Tami." Jet says upon seeing his best friend,

"Hey Jet." Tami says, "Daddy told me about how you helped with getting rid of the poachers."

"Well he's right." Jet says, "They don't call me 'Jet' for nothing."

"By the way, we were thinking we could use the extra items for a scavenger hunt for the pups." Mooch says,

"Good idea." Kate says, "They could use some fun now and then."

"Great." Reba says, "Let's go see if the others want to play."

"Okay." Kate says, then she follows Mooch, Reba, and their pups out of the den with Humphrey, Wildfire, and Jet,

Later, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, Garth, Hutch, Wildflower, Mooch, and Reba were sitting in a clearing in front of Kate's den, waiting for the others.

"When did you say they'd come?" Kate asks Reba and Mooch,

"They said soon." Reba says,

Just then, Shakey and Janice come up.

"Hey everyone!" Shakey says,

"Hey Shakey!" Humphrey says, "Did Kimi come with you?"

"She's right here." Janice says, looking toward a young female wolf pup with silver fur and brown eyes,

"When does the game start?" Kimi asks in a quiet yet slightly energetic tone,

"Soon." Humphrey says softly, knowing that Kimi was very shy, "We're just waiting for everyone else to come."

Soon enough, Salty comes up with his mate Candy come up.

"Hey everyone." Salty says,

"Did you come with your pups?" Garth asks,

"They're right here." Candy says,

Then a male pup with light gray fur, white ears, muzzle, and underbelly, brown eyes, and a dark mane named Peta comes up followed by a female pup with brown fur, dark gray ears and left forepaw, light brown mane, brown eyes, and a bright pink flower in her mane walk up.

"Hey everyone." Ruby says,

"Hey Kimi." Peta says to his best friend,

"Hey Peta." Kimi says, nuzzling him a bit,

"Now all that's left are Claw and Scar." Hutch says,

Soon enough, Claw and Scar come up and walk over to the group,

"Hey everyone." Scar says,

"Hey guys." Garth says, "Where's Blade?"

Claw and Scar look around, but don't see the character Garth mentioned.

"Scar, weren't you watching him?" Claw asks,

"Yes." Scar says, "He was right next to me when we got here."

Just then, an orange pup with brown ears, nose, and front paws, a brown stripe on his back, and blue eyes jumps out of nowhere and tackles Claw, knocking her onto her back with him on top.

"Gotcha mom!" the pup says,

"You sure did, Blade." Claw says, nuzzling her pup,

"Great." Kate says, "Now that all the pups are here, shall we get on with this?"

"Sure." Some of the pups say as they all sit down in straight lines,

"Great." Humphrey says, "Now that you're all here, we have a scavenger hunt planned."
The pups get excited about the game.

"What do we have to find?" Ralph asks,

"Here's what they are." Humphrey says, " 2 spools of string, a lead pipe, a net, a rainbow colored rock, 2 empty jars, 5 white stones, a branch shaped like a gold club, a key shaped rock, a rolled up sleeping bag, a tire, a clothing iron, and a tire rim."

"Okay." Lupa says,

"But will we be in teams?" Hunter asks,

"Yes." Humphrey says,

"Well, I'd rather hunt instead." Aatu says, walking over to Hutch,

"Okay, you don't have to play." Humphrey says, then he turns to the pups, "Okay, there will be 6 teams: Wildfire and Hunter, Star and Lupa, Jet and Tami, Ralph and Talluah, Kimi and Peta, and Blade and Ruby."

"Okay." The pups say, then they run off in search of the items,

Later, Star and Lupa were searching for some of the items.

"What were the things on the list?" Lupa asks,

"One that Uncle Humphrey said was a Rainbow-colored rock." Star says, then she notices something, "Hey, look!"

Star and Lupa walk over to a rock painted with the colors of the rainbow.
"That was fast." Lupa says,

"Let's go find the others now." Star says, picking up the rock,

"So, you like games?" Blade asks Ruby,

"As long they don't involve getting dirty." Ruby replies, "Hey, over there!"

Blade and Ruby walk over to a black object.

"It's the tire." Blade says,

"Let's get it back to Humphrey." Ruby says,

"Allow me." Blade says, then he jumps on top of the tire and rolling it away,

"Wow, you sure are talented." Ruby says,

Blade responds by smiling at Ruby, but accidentally hits a low hanging branch and falls onto his back as Ruby giggles at how silly he acted.

"Look!" Hunter says, "It's the key shaped rock!"

"It sure is." Wildfire says, picking up the rock, "Let's go find the rest."


"Hey Kimi, I found the string spools." Peta says,

"Great work." Kimi says in her quiet voice,

"Thanks." Peta says as he picks up the spools,

"Hey look!" Tami says noticing a bend pipe on low tree branch, "The lead pipe!"

"I got it!" Jet says, then he zips up the tree and grabs the pipe, followed by a graceful landing,

"Wow." Tami says, blushing a bit, "I like a guy who's fast."

"Thanks." Jet says,

"I found the branch shaped like a golf club!" Talluah says, noticing the object on a cliff, "Too bad it's out of reach."

"I'll get it." Ralph says, then he uses his boomerang and knocks the branch off of the cliff.

"Got'em!" Ralph says as he catches both the boomerang and the branch,

"Wow, that was amazing." Talluah says lovingly, blushing a bit,

"Thanks." Ralph says,

Later, Blade and Ruby find the 5 white pebbles, Jet and Tami find the 2 jars, Wildfire and Hunter find the net, Star and Lupa find the sleeping bag, Ralph and Talluah find the tire rim, and Kimi and Peta find the clothing iron.
Then the 12 pups head back to Kate's den with the items in tow.
"Nice work kids!" Humphrey says, seeing the pups, "You found all the items!"

"So, who won?" Blade asks from inside the tire,

"Well, considering each team has 2 items, I'd say it's a tie." Humphrey says,

"Then we all win!" Wildfire says,

"You bet!" Humphrey says, then the pups start celebrating their "victory".

Meanwhile, at the hunting grounds…
"Okay Aatu, remember how I taught you?" Hutch says,

"Yes Dad." Aatu says, then he crawls closer to a lone caribou bull,

Once Aatu gets close enough, he jumps onto the caribou's back and bites it's neck. The caribou however overpowers the pup and Aatu goes flying off the caribou and falls onto his back, then the caribou attempts to trample him.

"AATU!" Hutch yells, then he jumps in, saving Aatu just before he gets trampled,

Then the caribou runs off as Hutch and Aatu recover.

"You okay son?" Hutch asks,

"Yes Dad." Aatu says, a bit depressed and still on his back, "Guess I'm not strong enough yet."

"Don't let that get you down." Hutch says, nuzzling Aatu, "It was just an accident. What do you say we turn in for the night?"

"Sure." Aatu says, climbing back onto his feet, then he follows Hutch back to the dens,

"Hey, how'd it go?" Wildflower asks Hutch as he and Aatu arrive,

"Aatu almost took out a bull, but it got the best of him." Hutch says,

"Oh, my poor baby." Wildflower says, nuzzling her son,

"Mom, I'm not that young anymore." Aatu says playfully,

"It doesn't matter." Wildflower says, making Aatu fall over onto his back while still nuzzling him, "No matter how old you are, you're still my baby."

"Okay." Aatu says, then he goes into the den,

"Guess he'll have better luck next time." Hutch says,

"Yeah." Wildflower says, walking into the den,
Chapter 17 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Well, looks like we found out what happened to the items the wolves still have, they used them in a scavenger hunt for their pups! :D
Looks like Claw, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch's pups finally appeared! :D
By the way, looks like Aatu had a hard time during a hunt with his father. Hope this doesn't ruin his life later. :O

But what will happen next? :)
Stay tuned for Ch. 18: Tickle Torture, to find out! :D

Please comment if you fav.
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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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