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April 8, 2012
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Chapter 19: A Terrible Nightmare and Another Newcomer.
- - - - -
Later that night, Humphrey woke up to find Kate, Wildfire and Jet were gone from the den.

"Kate, Wildfire, Jet were are you" Humphrey said, but there was no response.

Humphrey went out looking for Kate and his pups but had no luck. Then he saw a light coming from a distance and ran towards it.

"What could that be?" Humphrey says,

When he got to the source of the light, he hid low in some tall grass and saw some poachers.

"They sure do look awfully familiar." Humphrey says,

Humphrey went back to get the pack to help him but couldn't find them, he got more worried. He went back to where the poachers he found and was watching closely at what they were doing and saw his mate and his pups in a cage but where were the rest of the pack.

"What am i going to do?" Humphrey asked himself, closing his eyes.

When Humphrey opens his eyes, he finds he was in his den, woken up by Kate.

"Humphrey, Humphrey wake up." Kate says softly,

Humphrey slightly jolted up looking around to see Jet asleep. Humphrey had a sigh of relief but where was Wildfire.

"Where's Wildfire?" Humphrey said worryingly,

"She's out with Star, is something wrong?" Kate replies,

"I had a terrible nightmare where you and the pups were taken by poachers." Humphrey says, "It was terrible, I don't know what i would do with out you guys."

"That is terrible, Humphrey." Kate says "But its OK, We're all here now."

"I know." Humphrey says, nuzzling Kate,

"Come lets go hunt, that will cheer you up." Kate says.

"Good idea." Humphrey says as he leaves with Kate.

The next morning, Humphrey and Kate tell the others about the nightmare Humphrey had.

"So, that's what happened in your dream?" Wildflower asks,

"Yes." Humphrey replies.

"Strange, I had that same dream last night." Garth says,

"Same here." Hutch says,

"I wonder what this could mean." Lilly says,

"It beats me." Kate says, "But we better keep a close eye on the ones who can't defend themselves."

"That would be Star and Lupa." Garth says,

"But Lupa gets nervous and might break down when someone watches her." Wildflower says,

"But doesn't she stay with you all day?" Kate asks,

"Only when she's not in the den or with her friends." Wildflower replies,

"Well, then it should be easy that way." Humphrey says, "Lupa's very close to you after all like Wildfire is to Kate."

"You got that right." Wildflower says,

"But let's try to keep an eye on Star and Lupa." Hutch says, "The dreams we had may find a way of coming true."

Meanwhile, at Hutch and Wildflower's den...

"Hey sis, what're you doing out here?" Ralph asks Lupa,

"Oh, just waiting for Mom to get back." Lupa says in her usual quiet voice,

"Hey, who's that?" Ralph asks, noticing a white figure in the distance.

"I don't know." Lupa says, "Tell Aatu to check it out."

"Already on it." Aatu says, walking toward the figure.

After a moment, Aatu reaches the figure, revealed to be an arctic wolf pup with golden eyes about the same height as his. Judging by Aatu's eyes, the wolf pup seemed frightened and nervous.

"Hey there." Aatu says, slowly walking out from his hiding place.

"Oh, hi." the wolf pup says nervously.

"What's your name?" Aatu asks calmly,

"Comet." the pup says,

"You know, Comet, you remind me a lot of my little sister." Aatu says,

"How?" Comet asks,

"Well, from how I see it, you're shy, don't like crowds, and don't talk much hence how quiet you are." Aatu says, walking around Comet, eyeing every inch of the pup. "That's how my sister is."

"And you look like a wolf who means business and doesn't goof around." Comet says nervously,

"What makes you think that?" Aatu asks, giving Comet a friendly smile to prevent frightening him.

"From how you look and smell." Comet says, "I have great eyesight, hearing, smell, and sense of touch."

"No kidding." Aatu says,

"Hey Aatu." Wildflower says, walking up, "Who's your friend?"

"His name's Comet." Aatu says, "We just met."

"He sure doesn't look so good." Wildflower says, noticing how skinny Comet was.

"Would you like something to eat?" Wildflower asks Comet softly, lying on the ground to avoid intimidating the pup with her height.

"Yes, please." Comet says nervously,

"Then come with me." Wildflower says, walking toward the den.

Later, Wildflower's family was chowing down on some freshly caught caribou with Comet.

"So, why don't you tell us about yourself?" Wildflower asks,

Comet replies by curling up as if scared, but Wildflower's gentle blue eyes made him feel brave enough to tell everyone.

"Well... I'm an orphan." Comet says,

"For how long?" Wildflower asks,

"Since I was very young." Comet replies, "I don't have any siblings either."

"So you grew up on your own?" Wildflower asks,

"Yes." Comet says,

"No wonder he looked so thin." Aatu whispers,

"Aatu!" Hutch scolds Aatu while whispering,

"Sorry." Aatu says, curling up.

"Well, upon the Alphas' word, you can stay here for as long as you want." Wildflower says,

"OK." Comet says,

Later, Wildflower exits Kate and Humphrey's den, with the news.

"So?" Comet asks,

"They're allowing you to stay." Wildflower says,

"Thanks." Comet says,

"You're welcome." Wildflower says, "Now what do you say we get acquainted with the others and familiar with the landscape?"

"The landscape will be fine." Comet says,

"OK, come along then." Wildflower says, walking off with Lupa and Comet following.

"So, you're an orphan?" Lupa asks Comet,

"Yes." Comet says, then he looks at Lupa. "You're fur is beautiful."

"Thanks." Lupa says shyly, blushing in the process.

"Sorry, it kinda slipped out." Comet says, also blushing.

"Don't worry about it." Lupa says,
Chapter 19 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

It appears Humphrey, Garth, and Hutch had a nightmare about their families being kidnapped. But what could it mean?

Also, a new character: Comet, :iconultimateaero99:'s OC.
Special thanks goes to :iconomegawolfhumphrey: for helping me with most of this chapter. :aww:

What will happen next in the fanfic? :)
Stay tuned for Ch. 20 to find out! :D

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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