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July 10, 2012
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Chapter 24. Reunion
- - - - -
Later that night, the semi-truck the wolves and foxes were in arrived at Las Vegas and the pickup-truck and trailer Shadow and the pups were in arrived at the same city.

"We're in Las Vegas." Shadow says, telling the pups of where they arrived.

"I hope we find our parents soon." Star says,

Meanwhile, back with the other wolves, they too had noticed where they arrived.

"I hope we find the pups here." Garth says, "Comet hasn't caught a whiff of the them in the other cities and towns."

"Same here." Claw says,

Just then, the truck pulls to a stop.

"Guess this is our stop." Kate says, getting off the truck with the others.

Just then Comet starts sniffing the ground, following where his nose was leading him.

"Looks like he's got a scent." Hutch says,

"I hope it's our pups this time." Lilly says, following Comet.

Soon enough, Comet reaches an RV with a trailer containing 2 motorcycles attached to it and follows the smell into the trailer.

"I found a scent!" Comet says, jumping out of the trailer.

"What is it?" Lilly asks hopefully,

"It's Lupa's!" Comet says, "And the others!"

"Great! That means they're here!" Lilly says, filled with joy.

"But they're not alone." Comet says, "But whoever else was with them doesn't seem hostile."

"Well, let's get going!" Kate says, "We don't have a moment to lose!"

Just then, a golf ball-like rock lands in front of Kate and a pair of waterfowl land where the ball landed.

"Marcel, Paddy!" Kate says, excited to see the birds. "Any news?"

"Yes, indeed." Marcel says, "We found your little wolves."

"They were walking down the strip not to far from here." Paddy says, "They were also with a larger black wolf too. He appeared to be helping them."

"That's great." Humphrey says, "But which way do we go to find them?"

"This way!" Marcel says, taking off and heading down the street with the 8 wolves following after him.

No one noticed that Comet had left the group, following a new scent.

"What's that smell?" Comet asks, following the scent.

Eventually, Comet follows the scent to a couple of trash cans near a truck stop. Suddenly, a can falls over and spills its contents. But the contents weren't just garbage, flat on its back, was a female arctic wolf pup with light blue/lavender eyes.

"Darn, more scraps." The female pup says, pulling a pizza crust of her head and tossing it.

"The garbage isn't the best place to look." Comet says quietly to the pup,

"Who are you?" The pup asks, startled by Comet, "Please, don't hurt me."

"I'm not going to hurt you." Comet says, "My name is Comet."

"Luna." The pup says,

"You know, the city's not a safe place for someone like you." Comet says,

"I didn't have a choice." Luna says, "My parents abandoned me and I was taken to this city."

"Oh." Comet says,

Meanwhile, at the strip...

"I hope we find Mom and Dad soon." Star says,

"Same here." Hunter says,

Just then, a golf ball-like rock lands in front of the group.

"About time we found you!" Marcel says, landing in front of the pups.

"Marcel!" Wildfire says,

"Paddy!" Star says,

The 2 pups go up to the waterfowl and hug them.

"Your parents are very worried about you." Paddy says as he pats Star's back,

"Really?" Wildfire asks somewhat excitedly as she breaks from Marcel's grip,

"Yes." Marcel says, "They're here in this city looking for you."

"REALLY?!" Star asks excitedly along with the same reactions from the other pups.

"Yes, they're right around the next bend over there!" Paddy says,

Taking the advice quickly, all 7 pups run down the bend.

"Wow, they sure want to see their parents again." Shadow says, surprised by the pups' behavior.

"You have no idea." Marcel says to Shadow,

Meanwhile, back with the other group...

"I hope we find our pups soon." Kate says,

"Same here." Humphrey says,

"Look!" Garth says, noticing 7 small figures running up to them.

"Star?" Lilly asks, recognizing one of the shapes.

"Mom, Dad!" Star says, running up to her parents.

"Star!" Lilly says, catching Star in her forelegs and hugging her.

"Wildfire!" Kate says, hugging the fire-red pup after being knocked onto her back by her.

"Jet!" Humphrey says, hugging his son.

"Hunter!" Garth says, catching his son after he falls onto his side from being tackled by him.

"Aatu, Ralph!" Hutch says,

"Lupa!" Wildflower says, tightly hugging her daughter as Hutch does the same to his sons.

"About time we found you." Claw says, happy to see the pups again.

"Same here." Wildfire says, "But we didn't do it alone."

Shadow comes around the bend and stops in front of the group.

"This is Shadow." Wildfire says, "He helped us escape the zoo and get this far on the journey."

"Thanks for helping out pups, Shadow." Kate says,

"Not a problem, ma'am." Shadow says, "I hate to see pups separated from their parents."

"We might as well get home." Humphrey says,

"But we'll need a ride." Lilly says,

"A big one." Garth finishes,

"How about that?" Shadow says, pointing to an empty off-duty city bus.

"Maybe." Kate says, "If we learn how to drive."

"Might as well get started." Shadow says, walking to the bus.

Luckily, the doors were accidentally left open, allowing the wolves, pups, and foxes to get in and occupy the vehicle, soon enough, Comet and his new friend catch up.

"Wait for us!" Comet says, jumping through the door with Luna.

"About time." Kate says, "Who's your friend?"

"Her name's Luna." Comet says, "I found her."

"How do you find an arctic wolf pup all the way in Las Vegas?" Farley asks put under the driver's seat,

"Her parents abandoned her and she was brought here." Comet says,

"Well, always happy to help others." Kate says, "Welcome to the pack, Luna."

"Thanks." Luna says, getting into a seat with Comet.

"OK, how do we drive this thing?" Kate asks, sitting the driver's seat.

"Let's close the doors first." Humphrey says, pushing the door lever and closing it.

"Maybe this starts it." James says, using one of his claws to turn the key slot on the bus, starting it.

"Nice work, son." Farley says,

"Thanks, Dad." James says,

"Kate, you steer, I'll work the pedals." Farley says, getting to the pedals under Kate.

"OK, let's go." Kate says,

Farley pushes down on the gas pedal, causing the large vehicle to lurch forward and drive down the street.

"We're on our way!" Kate says, turning on the bus' lights and turns onto the street. "To Jasper Park!"

The bus heads down some of Las Vegas' streets in search of an exit heading north, eventually, the wolves find the exit and drive away, their destination: Jasper Park, Canada.
Chapter 24 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Looks like the gang and thier pups had been reunited! :D
Now they just have to get back to Jasper Park, but will they make it?

EDIT: New character: Luna, belonging to :iconultimateaero99:

Stay tuned for Ch. 25 to find out! :D

:pointl::bulletyellow: -- [link] -- | :bulletred:ALPHA AND OMEGA 2:bulletred: | -- [link] -- :bulletyellow::pointr:
-------------------- :bulletyellow: 1st :pointr: [link] :pointl: 1st :bulletyellow: -------------------

Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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