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Chapter 25: Comet and Luna
- - - - -
A few hours later into driving North, the pups were starting to get hungry.

"When's the next stop?" Star asks, almost complaining.

"Soon, Star. Soon." Kate says,

"I got a scent of some food." Garth says, "Probably elk."

"Then this is where we're stopping." Kate says, steering off the freeway and into the dark nearby woods.

After a while, Kate, Humphrey, Garth, Hutch, and Claw had pulled in a bunch of elk for the pups.

"Eat up." Kate says, "We still gotta get home."

"Thanks." Star says as she starts eating some of the elk,

"So, what brings you to a city like that back there?" Comet asks Luna, "Being an arctic wolf, wouldn't you be further north?"

"Yes." Luna says, "But my parents abandoned me when I was younger."

"I know what that's like." Comet says,

"Yeah, then some humans found me and took me to the city. I managed to escape the truck when the box I was in fell out." Luna says, "I couldn't find my way back north, so I just stayed in town until someone was heading for Canada, then I jump onto the vehicle going there."

"Well, we're heading back up to Canada." Comet says, "You could find a good home there."

"Maybe." Luna says,

"Has everyone finished?" Kate asks,

"Some of us are still eating." Garth says,

"Well we can't stay for long." Kate says, "We still have to get moving."

"Then let's take the leftovers onto the bus with us." Humphrey says,

"OK then." Kate says,

Later, the wolves and foxes returned to the bus and brought the leftovers aboard. Then they drove off again.

"Elk isn't as good as caribou is, but it's a good replacement." Star says as she eats some of the leftover meat,

"But we should get home soon." Lilly says,

"I agree." Wildflower says,

"But we've only reached the northern part of Nevada." Hutch says, "It'll be some time before we reach Canada."

"If I'm correct, Idaho is just north of Nevada." Shadow says, "Right?"

"Yes." Kate says, "And that's where we first met Marcel and Paddy."

"Speaking of which, where are those birds?" Humphrey asks,

Then, as if on cue, the two waterfowl fly alongside the bus and tap the door. Telling Kate to open it.

"I think they want to get in." Kate says, opening the door.

As soon as the door opens, Marcel and Paddy fly into the bus and land on one of the seats.

"I see you've learned how to drive." Marcel says,

"Yes, but it takes two of us to control this." Kate says,

"And you two must be Marcel and Paddy." Farley says from under Kate,

"And I see you've made some new friends too." Marcel says,

"We sure did." Kate says,

"What's the report?" Humprhey asks,

"Light traffic on the way to Idaho, shouldn't be much trouble." Marcel says,

"That's good to know." Kate says,

"And if you don't mind, we're quite tired from all that flying." Paddy says, "And it's quite dark out there after all."

"Good idea." Kate says, "A lot of us are tired."

"Well, there's a truck stop up ahead about 2 miles." Marcel says, "You could stop the bus there."

"I thought you said to avoid the truck stops." Humphrey says,

"True, but you can't just leave the bus out here." Marcel says, "The humans will get suspicious."

"Good idea." Kate says,

Later, the wolves' bus arrives at the truck stop and parks in the nearby lot.

"This truck stop is bigger than the last one." Humphrey says as he looks around,

"OK, now listen up." Kate says, "We're staying for only the night. So stay in the bus, we don't want anyone getting lost."

"Got it." Garth says, followed by the agreements of everyone else.

"Good." Kate says,

Later that night, the wolves had covered the bus' windows and locked the doors. The wolves, foxes, and waterfowl could be found all over the bus asleep. Lilly was lying on her back while cuddled up next to Garth with Star resting on her stomach and Hunter was under Garth's head, using it as a blanket. Kate and Humphrey were sleeping next to each other and Humphrey's head was on top of Kate's to give her the feeling they were safe while Wildfire and Jet were cuddled in front of both of them. Wildflower had her paws wrapped around Lupa while Aatu was asleep on top of Hutch and Claw had Ralph snoozing next to her. The foxes were curled up in the back of the bus and Marcel and Paddy were asleep at the front seats, Comet and Luna were asleep next to each other with Wildfire and Hutch nearby. Just then, Luna wakes up.

"Where are you going?" Wildflower whispers, having noticed Luna had left the seat.

"Just to walk around in the bus." Luna says,

"OK." Wildflower says, going back to sleep.

True to what she said, Luna walked around the bus' interior, looking at the sleeping wolves and checking out the different buttons, levers, and meters on the bus' dashboard.

"Interesting vehicle this is." Luna says,

"Sure is, isn't it?" Comet asks from behind her,

"Oh, Comet." Luna says, getting off the driver's seat. "You nearly scared me."

"Sorry." Comet says, "What're you doing up?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Luna says,

"I just woke because you did." Comet says, "What about you?"

"Just a bad dream." Luna says,

"What was it like?" Comet asks,

"My parents." Luna says, "It was when they abandoned me."

"Oh." Comet says, feeling sorry for Luna.

"I never enjoyed being alone even though I got used to it." Luna says, "But it's great to be in the company of some wolves that seem to care for me."

"Yes, it is." Comet says,

"Are any of them your parents?" Luna asks,

"No, I'm an abandoned pup just like you." Comet says,

"So I guess Lilly's not the mother then." Luna says,

"I'm an arctic wolf." Comet says, "She's a slightly different species than me."

Just then, the 2 pups hear something outside.

"Hide!" Comet whispers, ducking under one of the seats.

Luna wastes no time getting under another seat.

"You sure you jumped that lake with the hotrod?" someone says outside,

"You bet!" another human says,

The voices trail off, letting the 2 pups know that the humans walked away from the bus.

"That was close." Comet says,

"I agree." Luna says,

"We better get to sleep now." Comet says, jumping onto the seat next to Wildflower's family.

"Yeah, we'll need our energy for tomorrow." Luna says, jumping onto the same seat and curling up to get to sleep.

"See you in the morning." Comet says,

"Same to you." Luna says as she falls asleep,
Chapter 25 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Now, since Comet and Luna didn't get much "screen-time", here's a chapter for them. Looks like Marcel and Paddy had joined the group too, the animals even stopped the bus at a truck stop to allow themselves to get some sleep.
How will things go in the morning?

Stay tuned for Ch. 26 to find out! :D

:pointl::bulletyellow: -- [link] -- | :bulletred:ALPHA AND OMEGA 2:bulletred: | -- [link] -- :bulletyellow::pointr:
-------------------- :bulletyellow: 1st :pointr: [link] :pointl: 1st :bulletyellow: -------------------

Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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