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Chapter 27: Escape
- - - - -
Inside the shack, the poachers were getting the adult wolves into cages. Luckily for them, some of the wolves were still asleep so they couldn't be harmed. However, Kate, Lilly, Garth, and Humphrey had woken up by the time they got into the shack. Kate, Garth, and Humphrey refused to go in the crates and fought their way to get out. Lilly however, didn't prove much of a problem for the poachers because she was scared and afraid about what would happen to her. After a while, the poachers finally got the remaining wolves into the cages.

"That's all of them, boss." Bob says,

"Great work Bob." Darwin says, "Now we just have to wait until our client arrives."

Meanwhile, in the ventilation system, Wildfire, Star, Lupa, Jet, and Aatu were quietly and slowly crawling around to avoid attracting attention to themselves.

"Have you found them yet?" Star whispers,

"Not yet." Wildfire says, "They have to be in at least one of these rooms."

The pups continue to search the area until they find what they're looking for.

"There they are." Wildfire says, looking through a vent into a room where Kate and the other wolves were. "Let's get them out."

The pups carefully removed the panel to the vent, then climbed down some crates that were conveniently lined along the wall near the vent like a staircase.

"Aatu, Wildfire?" Garth asks as he sees the pups climb down the boxes.

"You didn't think we'd just run for our lives, did you?" Wildfire asks as she easily unlocks Kate's cage.

"You have a good point." Garth says as he gets out of his crate.

Soon enough, Hutch, Wildflower, Claw, and Shadow eventually came to their senses and noticed where they were.

"Where are we?" Hutch asks, still a bit groggy from being asleep.

"A shack of some kind." Wildfire says, "But we'll have to leave soon if we're going to get away."

"How?" Claw asks, looking at the ventilation shaft, "We can't fit in there."

"Yes, but once Hunter gets the signal, he'll clear the path." Wildfire says,

"When do we tell him?" Jet asks from the vent,

"Now." Wildfire says,

"Got it." Jet says, then he lets out a howl that echoes through the ventilation system, confusing the poachers in the other room and making its way to Hunter's group.

"Now!" Hunter says, grabbing the knob of the door.

Suddenly, Hunter rips off the door and the pups charge into the shack. Much to the surprise of the poachers.

"What the- what's with the wolf cubs?!" Eric says,

"Who cares, get them!" Darwin yells,

"You got it, Darwin!" Larry says,

Hunter quickly pulls off the door to the room where Kate and the other pups were. Then all the wolves exit the room and charge into the poachers. While running, Star accidentally bumps into Larry and falls onto her back.

"I've got you now." Larry says as he bends down to grab her,

Star was frozen in fear at the sight of getting caught by a poacher. Suddenly, she does a cute face similar to that of Puss in Boots' from the Shrek series.

"Aww…" Larry says as he looks at Star's cute face,

The moment doesn't last long though as Lilly suddenly tackles Larry and growls in his face, sending the cowardly poacher running for his life.

"Whoa, didn't know you could be aggressive." Star says surprised,

"I got it from your grandmother." Lilly says, her voice tone back to normal.

"Whoa." Star says, remembering how bad things got when Eve was aggressive.

"Come here you little-!" Carlos says as he runs at Hunter,

Unfortunately for him, Hunter grabs Carlos shoe and pull hard on it. Tripping the poacher.

"That cub's stronger than he looks." Carlos says in surprise,

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Crystal says, leaving the building.

The wolves hear what Crystal said and immediately go after her. Some cops nearby heard the commotion and went to the shack to find out the problem. When they entered, they saw the poachers beat up as if they had been fighting animals.
Meanwhile, the wolves had all made a run into the forest. They didn't get the bus as the cops had found it, but they quickly jumped onto a large truck heading north before they could be seen.

"That was too close." Wildflower says,

"Yes." Kate says, "From now on, no more adventures outside of Jasper."

"Yes Mom." Wildfire and Jet say in unison, understanding how frightening the previous event was.

Later, the truck stopped at a railroad crossing where the wolves jumped off.

"OK, now which way do we go?" Kate asks,

Just then, Marcel and Paddy fly in.

"About time we found you." Marcel says,

"Great." Kate says, "Which way leads to Jasper?"

"Left." Marcel says, pointing in the correct direction. "But I suggest you wait for the train that is coming by."

Just then, a train passes through the area, going in the same direction the wolves wanted to go. Luckily, it was moving slow enough for the wolves to keep up with it.

"Come on!" Kate says, jumping into a boxcar.

"Hey, wait up!" Humphrey says, getting Star and Lupa into the train and jumps in himself.

Shadow jumps into the train car after he helps the foxes get in. Claw gets Aatu and Ralph into the boxcar and jumps on herself. Wildflower quickly gets Jet and Hunter into the car before jumping in, Hutch gets Wildfire, Comet, and Luna into the boxcar before jumping in himself. Then Garth jumps in and helps Lilly get into the car just as the train goes over a bridge.

"We're on our way home now." Lilly says,

"We sure are." Kate says,
Chapter 27 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

It appears the pups had gotten into the shack and freed their parents, now they're on the run again, this time on a train heading for their home.
Will the wolves ever make it?

Stay tuned for Ch. 28 to find out! :D

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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Ones to make Alpha and Omega 2 have a great ending and the rescue mission of Balto 4.
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Why not a howling ceremony in honor of Humphrey, Kate, Garth, Lilly, Hutch, and Wildflower and didn't you already got my ideas for Balto's rescue mission?
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Homeward bound ;3

Nice chapter.
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