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November 12, 2012
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Chapter 28: A Perfect Hunt
- - - - -
A while later, the train was almost in Jasper Park.

"I'm so hungry." Star says, who was lying flat on her back.

"Don't worry, we're almost there." Lilly says, gently licking Star on the forehead.

"There's the sign!" Humphrey says as a sign labeled "Jasper Park" passes by, "This is our stop!"

The wolves jump out of the train and tumble down a small hill. As they reached the bottom, Humphrey was on his back with Kate on top of him.

"I finally pinned you." Kate says,

"Ah, I just let you win this time." Humphrey says, giving Kate a nose-kiss.

"Is there any food nearby?" Star asks, still lying down.

"I got a scent of caribou nearby." Comet says,

"I'll get it." Hunter says, running into the forest.

"Hunter, wait!" Garth says, running after him.

"Just wait here." Hutch says, "Hunter still has his chance to take down prey."

"I hope he succeeds this time." Lilly says as she curls up around Star to keep her safe,

In the woods, Hunter and Garth had found a single, lone caribou.

"I'm sure I'll get this one." Hunter says,

"Really?" Garth asks,

"Yes." Hunter says, "I'm doing this for myself. I'm doing it for Star."

Hunter waits patiently for the caribou to look away, suddenly, Hunter springs from the grass and grabs the caribou's neck.

"Don't let go!" Garth says,

Hunter tries his best to keep his grip on the caribou, but seems to be losing his grip.

"Come on, not now!" Hunter says to himself, "I need this thing for my sister!"

Hunter digs his fangs deeper in the caribou's skin. After a minute, the caribou falls to the ground, dead.

"Wow." Garth says, "That was your first successful hunt!"

"It sure was." Hunter says, "Now we better get this thing to the others."

Hunter grabs one of the dead caribou's legs and pulls it back to the group.

"Hey, look what I got!" Hunter says,

Everyone looks and they're amazed by what they see.

"You got that one by yourself?" Lilly asks,

"Yes." Hunter says, "I've finally lived up to my name."

"I'm so proud of you." Lilly says as she nuzzle Hunter while Star eats the caribou Hunter got.

A while later, Star had taken her fill of the caribou and the other pups were having their share.

"Feels like it's been months since we've been in Jasper." Wildfire says,

"It sure has." Kate says, "But we're not home yet. We still have a long way to go."

The wolves continued on their path for home, suddenly, Comet heard a sound.

"Anyone hear that?" Comet asks,

"I do." Luna says, "Sounds like a waterfall."

"Which way is it?" Humphrey asks, "There is one river that runs through the Central Territory."

"This way I think." Comet says, walking away from the group.

A short while later, the wolves had found the waterfall.

"This is the one." Kate says,

"I certainly remember seeing this waterfall." Claw says,

"Maybe we can catch some fish while we're here." Garth says,

Suddenly, Hunter jumps into the water and pulls out a fish.

"That was quick." Lilly says,

"Guess I make a better fisher than a hunter." Hunter says, dropping the fish back in the water.

"Maybe." Star says, going into the water and grabbing a fish of her own.

"I think I know where this river leads." Hutch says, "This river goes into the Territory."

"Then that means we're close to home." Kate says,
Chapter 28 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

OK, so the wolves haven't returned home yet, but they're back in Jasper! :lol:
Also, Hunter finally got his chance to bring down a caribou on his own and succeeded. Turns out he's good at fishing to. :XD:

Stay tuned for Ch. 29 to find out! :D

:pointl::bulletyellow: -- [link] -- | :bulletred:ALPHA AND OMEGA 2:bulletred: | -- [link] -- :bulletyellow::pointr:
-------------------- :bulletyellow: 1st :pointr: [link] :pointl: 1st :bulletyellow: -------------------

Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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FaPingMulan Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Hunter is turning into quite the hunter lol.

nice chapter.
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
He sure is. :D

Thanks again. :)
FaPingMulan Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
iamnater1225 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
You forgot to add the 2 on Alpha and Omega 2 Chapter 28.
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Thanks for telling me. :)
iamnater1225 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
How many Chapters you got left until The ending?
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
I think 2.
creepsome Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Omg, Kate finally pinned Humphrey, it's a miracle!!!!!
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Yeah. :XD:

Humphrey always won in my fanfic, now Kate has gotten her chance. :XD:
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