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November 14, 2012
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Chapter 29: Finally Home
- - - - -
The wolves continued to follow the river, but thought it was taking too long.

“Are we there yet?” Star asks,

“Not yet.” Lilly says, we haven’t found anything that looks familiar.

“Isn’t there a faster way?” Jet asks,

“Maybe.” Humphrey says, “But if we chose log-sledding, we’d need to find some logs.”

“Like those?” Kate asks, looking at some dead trees.

“Yes.” Humphrey says, “Thanks Kate.”

“You’re welcome.” Kate says,

“How many will we need?” Hutch asks,

“I’d say at least 3 or 4.” Humphrey says,

“If you say so.” Hutch says, pulling part of a tree off to use. “I’ll use this one for Wildflower and our pups.”

“I’ll take this one for Kate’s.” Humphrey says, grabbing another piece.

“Garth?” Lilly asks,

“Don’t have to ask me twice.” Garth says, getting another piece of bark.

“I don’t think we’ll all fit on just these 3.” Kate says, “We’ll need one more.”

“Got it covered.” Shadow says, “I’ll use this one of the foxes and myself.”

“OK.” Kate says,

The wolves get to an area where the water was moving quickly and prepare the log-sleds on ledge for when they fall into the water.

“Get ready.” Kate says,

Wildfire, Jet, and Kate get on one of the legs with Humphrey ready to push. Lilly, Star, and Hunter get on another with Garth pushing, Wildflower, Aatu, Ralph, and Lupe get on another with Hutch pushing, and Claw, Farley, Crystal, and James get on the last one with Shadow pushing.

“Is everyone ready?” Humphrey asks,

“We’re ready here.” Lilly says,

“All set.” Wildflower says,

“Ready.” Claw says,

“Same here.” Kate says,

“OK, then let’s go!” Humphrey says, pushing his log.

Soon enough, all 4 log-sleds went down the slope and splashed into the river.

“Hold on!” Humphrey says from behind Kate, ready for any danger up ahead.

“This is fun!” Hunter says, already enjoying the ride.

“I’m not enjoying it.” Star says as she holds onto Lilly out of fear,

“It’s OK.” Lilly says, “We’ll make it.”

The 4 sleds continue down the river, avoiding dangers like rocks and low tree branches.

“I never thought I’d enjoy log-sledding this much!” Aatu says, already having fun.

“Guess omegas aren’t so bad after all, huh?” Ralph asks,

“You sure showed me!” Aatu says with a laugh,

Soon enough, the logs reach a waterfall.

“Garth, how deep is it to the bottom?” Shadow asks,

“About 15 feet!” Garth says, “We’ll be safe!”

All four logs go flying off the waterfall, all of the wolves screaming. The logs soon land in the river below and continue down their path.

“That was awesome!” Wildfire says, having enjoyed the drop.

“I thought you’d have as much fun as Humphrey would.” Kate says, smiling at her mate.

The river starts to slow down and the wolves reach a pond of some sort.

“I think we’re back in the Territory.” Kate says, recognizing the area.

“Same here.” Hutch says, “I think it’s the western side.”

“Then we should know where to go.” Kate says,

The wolves get their log-sleds to stop along the shore of the rivers and quickly run off with the foxes close behind. Soon enough, the wolves had finally reached the area with the dens.

“We’re finally home.” Kate says,

“We sure are.” Humphrey says, “Hey, our parents are over there.”

Everyone looks to see Winston, Eve, Tony, Niara, Conrad, and Danielle with each other like they’re talking about something.

“Let’s go!” Kate says, running to their location.

“Hey, wait up!” Humphrey says, following after Kate with the others.

“Mom, Dad!” Kate says, catching her parents by surprise.

“Kate?” Winston asks, looking in the direction of the call to see Kate and her pups running up.

“Kate!” Eve says, running to Kate with the other wolves.

“Grandma!” Wildfire says, jumping at Eve.

Eve managed to stop just in time before Wildfire collided with her, causing the red-orange pup to recoil and fall onto her back.

“It’s so great to see you again!” Eve says as she nuzzled Wildfire,

Kate and Jet soon ran up to the group and Kate nuzzled her father while Jet joined Wildfire with Eve.

“Dad!” Garth says, running up to Tony.

“Garth!” Tony says, happy to see his son again. “It’s been a while.”

“It sure has.” Garth says as Niara nuzzles him,

Star and Hunter soon run up and embrace with their grandparents too.

“Mom!” Lilly says, running up to Eve.

“Lilly!” Eve says, nuzzling her daughter after finishing with Wildfire and Jet.

“Mom, Dad!” Humphrey says, running up to Conrad and Danielle with Wildflower.

“Humphrey, Wildflower!” Conrad says, embracing his son.

“We really missed you.” Wildflower says as she nuzzles her mother,

“I’m sure you did.” Danielle says, returning the favor.

Star and Hunter soon run up to Winston and Eve, eager to reunite with the grandparents on Lilly’s side of the family.

“There you are.” Eve says, nuzzling Hunter and Star.

“We really missed you.” Star says as she nuzzles her grandmother back.

Aatu, Lupa, and Ralph soon join in and start playing around with Conrad and Danielle.

“Wow, Aatu.” Conrad says, “You sure have changed since we were separated.”

“Let’s just say I turned over a new leaf.” Aatu says, nuzzling his grandfather.

“Hutch, it’s been a while.” Winston says to his second-in-command,

“It sure has, sir.” Hutch says, “I hope you didn’t have any trouble with the pack while we were gone.”

“Nothing we couldn’t handle.” Winston says,

“About time you returned.” Tony says to Claw,

“I’m sorry if I caused you any worry.” Claw says,

“Not too much.” Tony says, “But you had Scar worried. He thought you’d never return.”

“Well, I bet Blade will be happy to see I returned.” Claw says,

“Mom!” a voice says, causing Claw to look.

The next thing Claw knew, she was knocked over by an orange and brown wolf have her size. But she quickly figures out who it was.

“Blade!” Claw says, smothering her son with “kisses”,

“Hey, stop that!” Blade says playfully, trapped on his back and unable to escape.

“Finally, you’re back.” Scar says, walking up to the twosome.

“Scar!” Claw says, nuzzling her mate.

“Humphrey!” Salty says, running up to the wolf with Candy, Reba, Janice, Shakey, and Mooch close behind.

“Wolf pile!” Shakey yells, jumping onto Humphrey with the others.

“Hey guys, great to see you too!” Humphrey says playfully, trying to get out of the pile.

Just then, Shakey’s pups, Peta and Ruby run up.

“Wolf pile!” Peta and Ruby say together and jump onto Humphrey as the older wolves get off.

Soon enough, Mooch’s daughters Tami and Tallulah come running with Shakey’s daughter, Kimi, and join in the wolf pile.

“Uncle Humphrey’s back!” Tami says as she lands on top of Humphrey.

“Hey kids!” Humphrey says, happy to see his friends’ pups.

“They sure missed you and the others.” Shakey says,

“I can tell.” Humphrey says as the pups walk all over him.

“Tami!” Jet says, running up to the wolf pile.

“Jet!” Tami says, pouncing at the black pup and knocking him onto his back with her on top. “It’s great to see you again!”

“It’s great to see you too.” Jet says as Tami licks his face repeatedly,

“Hey, Talluah!” Ralph says, running up to the wolf pile.

“Ralph!” Talluah says, jumping toward Ralph.

Upon impact, both pups roll for a second until they stop with Talluah on top of Ralph.

“It’s great to see you!” Ralph says as he licks Talluah,

“Same here!” Talluah replies, licking him back.

Shadow had seen the whole thing from the top of the hill. He was happy to see the wolves reunited with their family and friends and watched as Luna and the foxes were introduced to the pack. Then Shadow left the area.

“This here is Luna.” Lilly says, “We found her in Las Vegas and let her join us as she was separated from her parents like Comet.”

“And these 2 here are Farley and Krystal, and this is their son, James.” Kate says, introducing the foxes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” Farley says,

“Same here.” Winston says,

“So, you were separated too, huh?” Eve asks Luna,

“Yes.” Luna says, “I was left behind.”

“Well, you can join us if you’d like.” Eve says,

Meanwhile, Shadow was waiting for train to come by so he could leave, but he hears someone calling for him.

“Shadow, wait!” the voice says,

Shadow looks back to see Humphrey and Wildflower running up to him.

“Where are you going?” Humphrey asks, “We didn’t introduce you to the others yet.”

“I’m just happy that you’re back with your family.” Shadow says, “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“But we’d like for to see our family.” Wildflower says,

“If you say so.” Shadow says, smiling a bit.

Later, Shadow was introduced to the family and was told how he helped the pups get home.

“Well Shadow, it’s great that you helped us out.” Winston says,

“You’re welcome, Winston.” Shadow says, “I hate to see pups separated from their parents.”

“That was a good thing you did, Shadow.” Eve says,

“Thanks.” Shadow says,

“There’s still room in the pack for one more if you want to join in.” Winston says,

“No thanks.” Shadow says,

“Are you sure?” Lilly asks, looking at Shadow in somewhat of a pleading way.

“OK.” Shadow says with a smile, “If you insist.”

“Welcome to the pack.” Winston says,

Shadow gave Winston a smile, happy to know he was accepted into the pack.
Chapter 29 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Looks like the wolves have finally made it home! :D
Not to mention the new members of the group like Shadow and the foxes were introduced to the pack as well. :)
They even had fun in the river on their return to the Central Territory. :D

But this story isn't over yet! :XD:
Stay tuned for the conclusion in Ch. 30! :D

:pointl::bulletyellow: -- [link] -- | :bulletred:ALPHA AND OMEGA 2:bulletred: | -- [link] -- :bulletyellow::pointr:
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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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