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March 17, 2011
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Chapter 4: New Couple
- - - - -
Later, Lilly is sitting on the ledge in front of Winston and Eve's den as if waiting for someone. Then Eve comes up.

"What'cha waiting for?" Eve asks Lilly,

"Garth." Lilly replies, "He said he'd be back after he got something for me."

Just then, Garth comes up, catching Lilly attention.

"I'm back." Garth says, walking up to Lilly.

"You sure are," Lilly says, "So what'd you get me?"

"Hold on, flea." Garth says, scratching the back of is head, "And this."

Garth pulls out the flower he got earlier and puts it on Lilly's paw.

"I got it for you to wear at the moonlight howl." Garth says.

Lilly looks at the flower Garth gave her, "Red and white, like us." Lilly says, admiring the flower.

"Yes, that's the reason I picked over the others I saw." Garth says.

"Isn't that sweet?" Eve says, walking up to the pair, "Nice to see Lilly has something to wear at the moonlight howl just like Kate does."

"Indeed." Lilly says, "Now I thought you were going to groom me for this."

"I never forget that, come on." Eve says, walking into the den with Lilly following.

"Meet me at howling rock." Lilly says to Garth

"Okay, I'll see you there!" Garth replies, taking off in course for howling rock.

Meanwhile, in the den, Winston had just finished grooming Kate.

"There you go." Winston says, "Now Humphrey's ought to fall for you now."

"He sure will." Kate says, putting the purple flower she was holding in her mane.

Then Kate and Winston see Eve and Lilly walk in.

"Took you long enough." Kate says, "What'd Garth get you anyway?"

"This." Lilly says, showing Kate her new red and white flower.

"Nice." Kate says.

"Thank you." Lilly says, lying down as Eve starts to groom her.

"I'll be waiting for you outside." Kate says.

"Okay." Lilly replies.

Kate turns back around, only to accidentally bump into Wildflower.

"Oh, sorry." Kate says.

"Don't worry about it." Wildflower says, "Hutch said he'd wait for me with Humphrey at howling rock and I was hoping Eve could groom me. But it looks like she's already busy."

Kate looks toward Eve to see she's still grooming Lilly.

"Yeah, but maybe Winston can do it for you." Kate says, "He groomed me just earlier."

"I'd be happy to." Winston says, walking up to the girls.

"Okay." Wildflower says, walking to a wall and lying down, "Go ahead."

"Very well, then." Winston says, walking over to Wildflower.

"I'll be waiting for you two outside!" Kate calls to Lilly and Wildflower as she leaves the den.

"Okay!" Wildflower says as Winston starts grooming her.

A few minutes later, Kate is seen sitting on the ledge in front of her parents' den. Then she turns to see Lilly walking out of the den wearing the red and white flower Garth got in her mane.

"Wow, Garth is ought to fall for you now." Kate says, admiring how her little sister looks.

"You got that right." Lilly says,

Then Wildflower comes out of the den wearing the blue flower Hutch got for her in her mane.

"Nice." Kate says upon seeing Wildflower,

"Thanks." Wildflower says, "I'm ought to make Hutch fall for me now, don't you think?"

"You're right about that." Kate says, "Now let's go."

Kate walks off in course for howling rock with Lilly and Wildflower following her.

Meanwhile, Humphrey, Garth, and Hutch are seen waiting for the girls at the bottom of the small mountain as the other wolves are howling together around it.

"How much longer do you think it'll take for them to get here?" Humphrey says, pacing back and forth.

"Who knows, probably a few minutes." Hutch says, sitting on the edge of a small cliff they're on.

"How about we raise the stakes a bit?" Garth says, "If Lilly comes over the hill first, then I call howling before Humphrey does."

"Hey!" Humphrey yells,

"Very well," Hutch says, "Then if Kate comes first, then he calls howling before Garth. But if Wildflower comes up first, then I get the howl."

"You're on!" Humphrey says, then he looks toward the hill and sees three figures heading their way,

"Here they come!" Humphrey says as he sits down to see who came first.
Then Kate comes walking over the hill with Wildflower and Lilly behind her.

"I win. I get the first howl." Humphrey says, then he and the other males look at the females and are stunned at what they see.

"Wow." Hutch says,

"I've never seen them look that good." Garth says,

"Beautiful." Humphrey says, as he and the others watch the girls walk up with their manes swishing around as they seem to move their heads in slow motion.

Then out of nowhere, Humphrey slowly wraps his forelegs around Garth as if he thought Kate was next to him, then Garth (still watching Lilly) slowly pushes Humphrey off him and Humphrey falls to the ground. Then Humphrey quickly sits back up and continues to watch Kate come up, then he and Garth feel something hit them in the back of their heads and they look to see Hutch hit them.

"Come on you two." Hutch says, "We don't want to keep them waiting."

"Oh right. Coming!" Garth stammers as he snaps back into reality and follows Hutch with Humphrey.

"So, see'em yet?" Lilly asks Kate,

"Well, if I know Humphrey, he'd probably be staring at me from up there by now." Kate says, then she sees Humphrey, Hutch, and Garth walking toward them.

"Nice to see you didn't stare at me and come down this time." Kate says,

"Actually, I did." Humphrey says, "But Hutch knocked me and Garth back into reality and we came down."

"You were staring at me too, weren't you Garth?" Lilly says, trying to make herself look cute/beautiful in front of him.

"Well, yes." Garth says,

"Come on now," Kate says, "We didn't come here just to talk." Then Kate and Humphrey walk off.

"Shall we?" Garth asks Lilly,

"You bet." Lilly says, then she and Garth walk off in a separate direction from the one Kate and Humphrey went.

"Looks like it's just you and me." Wildflower says to Hutch.

"Yep," Hutch says, "You look stunning tonight."

"Thank you." Wildflower says, blushing a bit.

"Ladies first?" Hutch asks, pointing to a path.

"Only if you follow me." Wildflower says, walking past Hutch and brushing her tail under his chin.

"Very well." Hutch says, walking after Wildflower and the two reach a small ledge.

"You want to start this?" Hutch asks Wildflower as the two wolves sit down.

"You go first." Wildflower says, "I don't think I'll be good at this."

"Okay." Hutch says, then he closes his eyes and raises his head to the heavens, howling melodically.

"Wow, he's good." Wildflower thinks to herself, "I think I'll try myself now."

Then Wildflower closes her eyes and lifts her head up the heavens and howls, stunning Hutch as he looks toward her with his eyes wide open.

"Wow, I don't know why she said she didn't think she would be good at this." Hutch thinks to himself, "She's like an angel when she howls."

Then Hutch howls again, forming a romantic duet with Wildflower, which causes the other wolves around the area, including Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth to stop howling and look toward them.

"Wow, I didn't know your sister was that good." Kate says in amazement,

"Me neither." Humphrey says.

"Wow, that's beautiful." Lilly says, "I think she might be better than me."

"Seriously?" Garth asks, "She'll never be better than you when I'm around." Then Garth nuzzles Lilly and she nuzzles him back and the two resume watching Hutch and Wildflower.

Then Hutch and Wildflower finish their duet and look into each others' eyes.
Then they look to see the applause and cheering of the other wolves who heard them and Wildflower blushes a bit and flattens her ears against her head.

"That… was beautiful." Hutch says to Wildflower.

"Thanks." Wildflower shyly says, blushing some more.

Later, after the moonlight howl, Hutch and Wildflower are seen lying on their backs, watching the stars.

"It's beautiful." Wildflower says,

"Yes, you are…" Hutch says, and Wildflower looks at him in a confused way.

"Oh! Sorry! I let that one slip out, didn't I?" Hutch stammers nervously before closing his muzzle with his paws to avoid saying anything embarrassing and he blushes a bit.

"Don't worry about it." Wildflower says, licking Hutch.

Then Hutch looks toward Wildflower and sees her with a mischievous look on her face.

"What?" Hutch asks,

Then Wildflower swiftly bumps Hutch with her forepaw, "Tag! You're it!" Wildflower says, getting up and running off.

"Hey!" Hutch laughs, getting to his feet and chasing after Wildflower.

Hutch manages to keep up with Wildflower as the two dodge and jump over trees, logs, and rocks, then Hutch jumps, landing on Wildflower and the two go rolling down a small hill. They continued rolling until they reached the bottom, Wildflower was on her back with Hutch on top of her, both laughing. They slowly fell into silence as they realized the predicament they were in, but none of them moved, nor did they want to. They both looked into each other's eyes in silence, enjoying the moment they were both sharing. After that, Hutch and Wildflower return to their den and lie down next each other.

"Good night." Hutch says,

"Good night." Wildflower says,

Soon enough, the new wolf couple falls asleep.
Chapter 4 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Yes, Hutch and Wildflower are now mates. :aww:

I wonder how well the story will go now. :D

Please comment if you fav.
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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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