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Chapter 5: Golfing Tournament
- - - - -
The next morning, Hutch and Wildflower wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

"Good morning, my love." Hutch says,

"Good morning." Wildflower says, then she looks to see Hutch's foreleg is wrapped around her.

"Uh, Hutch," Wildflower says, "Why is your foreleg on me?"

"You looked like you were shivering last night and I wanted to keep you warm." Hutch says, nuzzling Wildflower.

"Thanks." Wildflower says, blushing a bit.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Hutch asks Wildflower,

"Anything you want." Wildflower says to her mate,

"Maybe we go the golf course," Hutch says, "To see if we can join their game."

"Okay," Wildflower says, getting to her feet, "Let's go."

Hutch and Wildflower leave the cave and go to Kate and Humphrey's den. Soon they see Winston and Eve coming out.

"Winston! Eve!" Hutch says, walking up to the pair.

"What is it?" Winston asks his second-in-command,

"Wildflower and I were seeing if your were going to the golf course," Hutch says,

"We wanted to see if we could join your game." Wildflower says,

"Sure you can." Winston says, "We were going to have a tournament after all."

"Cool." Hutch says, let's go!"

Soon enough, Winston, Eve, Hutch and Wildflower reach the golf course where Tony, Marcel, Paddy, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, Garth, and Claw are waiting.

"Winston!" Tony says upon seeing Winston's group walking in,

"Tony!" Winston says, "I see you're all ready to go."

"So do you." Tony says, "But what are Hutch and Wildflower doing here?"

"They wanted to join the tournament." Eve says, "Not to mention it's Wildflower's first time too."

"Great, we have a new apprentice to teach."  Marcel says,

"So, are we picking the teams already?" Winston asks Tony

"We were waiting to see who you were going to pick." Tony replies,

"Well in that case," Winston says, "For my team, I'll take Eve, Kate, and Humphrey."

"Cool, you and me together." Humphrey says to Kate as he walks over to Winston,

"You got that right." Kate replies to Humphrey,

"Good choices." Tony says, "I'll take Garth, Lilly, and Claw on mine."

"Sweet." Garth says, walking over to Tony with Lilly,

"That leaves us with Hutch and Wildflower." Marcel says,

"Apparently you are going to play as well." Hutch says, walking toward Marcel and Paddy.

"This is my first time too, you know." Wildflower says, following Hutch.

"Don't worry, I'll help you out if you have any problems with playing." Hutch says,

"Okay," Wildflower says,
The teams go to the first hole and Kate gets ready make her first shot.

"Okay, now watch closely." Hutch says to Wildflower,

Then Kate holds up a branch-like club and strikes the ball-like rock, sending it flying down the course and the ball lands halfway between the hole and the starting position.

"Okay, looks easy enough." Wildflower says,

"That's my girl." Hutch says, "I was hoping you'd feel confident about this."

Then Garth takes his first shot and it lands the same distance from the hole as Kate's, only on the other side of the course.

Then Marcel walks up to his ball, but looks toward Wildflower before he takes the stroke.

"Say Wildflower, would you like to swing the club since it's your first time?" Marcel asks the pink-gray wolf, "Just to see how good you might be."

"Sure." Wildflower says, walking up to Marcel,

"Okay," Marcel says, pulling a golf club shaped branch out of Paddy's bag, "Then you'll need this one, it's ought to get you a hole in one."

"Okay," Wildflower says, taking the 'club' and standing in her hind legs, "Here I go."

Then Wildflower swings her club and manages to hit the ball,

"There it goes!" Wildflower says,

"Nice shot." Marcel says,

Then the ball hits a tree and goes in Lilly's direction.

"Lilly, look out!" Garth says, causing Lilly to see the incoming ball,

"Whoa!" Lilly cries out as she rears up, just missing the ball.

Then the ball bounces off a rock going in Eve's direction, causing her to duck, then bounces off another rock, causing Paddy to jump to avoid the ball, then it hits a tree and goes toward Garth, who backs away just before the ball hits him and it heads for Kate.

"Duck!" Humphrey yells as he pulls his mate to the ground to keep from getting hit by the ball.

Then it bounces off a rock, going into a tree and causing a woodpecker to take off and hit its head on a tree branch after taking off to avoid it. Then the ball hits a tree branch, which catapults the ball, sending it into another tree and it bounces off, hitting Tony in the side of his face.

"Ow." Tony says, rubbing the area where he got hit by the ball.

Then the woodpecker from earlier comes in and pecks the now non-moving ball, shattering it to pieces as Wildflower just stares at it and the woodpecker flies away.

"I think I'm done here." Wildflower says, handing her club to Marcel and walking off.

"Wait," Hutch says, "You're leaving already? You can try again."

"But did you see where that ball went? Right into Tony." Wildflower says,

"Don't worry about it." Tony says, "I got hit in the face by a golf ball before, it was my shot course and it was my ball that hit me. Your shot was accidental after all."

"So, Wildflower, why don't you try again?" Hutch asks his mate,

"I don't know." Wildflower says,

"Come on sis," Humphrey says, "That shot of yours was pretty good."

"Humphrey's right," Tony says, "Hutch can even teach you since he's almost as good as Winston."

"I'd be delighted to teach her." Hutch says, agreeing with Tony's offer.

"Well, okay then." Wildflower says, "Show me your secrets."

"Okay." Hutch says, standing into bi-pedal position, "Come on."

Wildflower walks over to Hutch and rears into bi-pedal position as well.

"Okay now." Hutch says, handing his club to her, and putting his forepaws around Wildflower's 'forearms'.

"Here's how I do it, keep your stance low, relax your shoulders, stiffen you forelegs, hold the club back, breathe in, and swing."

Wildflower does exactly as told and hits the ball.

"Okay, good…" Hutch says,

Then the ball hits the ground and rolls into the hole.

"Congratulations." Hutch says, "Your first hole in one."

"Thanks Hutch," Wildflower says, "But wasn't it actually a par?"

"Technically, since your first ball was destroyed, the one you hit was actually your first stroke." Marcel says,

"Oh, I see now." Wildflower says,

"Okay, let's go after the balls now." Kate says, "First one there gets the next swing."

"You're on!" Humphrey says, running in the direction Kate's ball went.

"Hey!" Kate yells out, running after Humphrey, "No fair you got a head start!"
Then everyone else runs to get their balls and Claw reaches the ball Garth launched,

"Looks like I get the first swing here!" Claw says,

"Same here!" Humphrey says, reaching Kate's ball and getting ready to swing at it.

"Hey, Hutch!" Claw says, "You got a moment?"

"Be right there!" Hutch says, "Can you get the ball, Wildflower?"

"Sure." Wildflower says,

"Okay, I'll be waiting for you here," Hutch says,

Then Wildflower leaves to get the ball and Hutch walks over to Claw.

"You called?" Hutch says, standing on only his hind legs to match Claw's height as she was getting ready to hit the ball.

"Yes," Claw says, "I wanted to talk to you."

"What about?" Hutch asks,

"Well, I heard you and Wildflower became mates last night." Claw says,

"Yes, and…?" Hutch says,

"Oh well, you know how you and I have been great friends since the packs were united?" Claw asks,

"Yes," Hutch says, "Wait, you wanted to mate with me?"

"Of course not." Claw says, "We'll still be friends, it'd never work out between us since I'm an Eastern and you're a Western. And besides, I already had my eyes on someone else."

"Who?" Hutch asks,

"Scar." Claw says, then she swings her club and it hits the ball, sending across the court down near the hole.

"Well, the two of you work better together during hunts that you and I do together." Hutch says,

"You're right about that." Claw says, "When I learned you and Wildflower mated after you got back from looking for her, I told Scar how I was in love with him and he took me out to the moonlight howl and we mated after that."

"Well congratulations." Hutch says,

"Thanks," Claw says, "Same to you and Wildflower."

"Thanks," Hutch says,

"No problem." Claw says,

"Come on, Claw." Tony calls to her, "Balls don't move by themselves you know."

"Coming!" Claw says, then she turns back to Hutch, "See you later."

"Later." Hutch says, then he walks toward Wildflower, who's standing next to Humphrey.

"Hey beautiful," Hutch says,

"Hey Hutch," Wildflower says, walking over to him as Humphrey swings his club at the ball.

"So what were you and Claw talking about?" Wildflower asks,

"She just wanted to tell me that she and Scar mated last night after the Moonlight Howl." Hutch says,

"Looks like Lilly and Eve are up next to putt." Wildflower says, looking toward the hole up ahead.

"Well let's go if we don't want to miss it." Hutch says, taking off toward the hole with Wildflower following him.

Soon enough, Wildflower and Hutch reach the group as Lilly hits the ball and it rolls into the hole.

"Nice shot Lilly." Garth says, walking up to her.

"Thanks," Lilly says, "Now it looks like its Mom's turn."
Eve hits the ball and it roles into the hole where Lilly's went.

"One course down, 8 to go." Eve says,

"And so far, Marcel's team is in the lead since Wildflower got her first hole in one." Kate says,

"You're right about that." Winston says, "Let's get to the next course now."

"Okay," Eve says, walking toward another smooth grass covered area with the others following.

"You take the turn Hutch." Wildflower says, handing her club to him.

"Okay." Hutch says, walking over to where Eve and Garth are getting ready to swing their clubs.

"Fore!" Hutch says, hitting his ball and sending it down the course.

Then Eve and Garth swings their clubs and send their balls flying, then the balls hit the ground and stop 3 feet away from Hutch's ball.

"Looks like Garth's ball is in the lead." Claw says, looking at where the balls landed.

"Looks like your right," Tony says, "Let's go get them!"

Half an hour later, the teams have reached the final course and Winston, Tony, and Marcel were up to putt.

"Fore!" Winston says, launching his ball along with the others and Tony's ball ends up in the lead.

"We're next!" Humphrey says as he, Claw, and Wildflower go after the balls.

After reaching one his, Humphrey swings his club and his ball reaches the hole, but doesn't go in. Then Claw hits her ball, but it doesn't go very far, but Wildflower's ball reaches the hole, more closer than Humphrey's.

"Looks like we're next!" Kate says as she goes after her ball and Lilly and Hutch go after theirs.

Kate hits her ball, but it misses the hole and hits a small tree, causing a squirrel to fall out.

"Oops." Kate says as the squirrel screams upon seeing the wolves and running off.

"My turn." Hutch says and hits his ball, but stops 2 inches from the hole.

"Looks like it's up to me." Lilly says and swings her club.
It hits the ball, sending it sky high and it lands in the hole.

"And Lilly's team is the winner of this course!" Paddy says,

"But who's the winner of the competition?" Kate asks,

"According to the chart, Winston's team is the winner." Paddy says,

"Alright! We won!" Humphrey says,

"Congratulations Humphrey." Wildflower says,

"Thanks," Humphrey says, then he turns to Kate, "Hey Kate, mind if I talk to you about something?"

"Not right now, Dad said that I got hunting in 5 minutes." Kate says, "How about when I get back to the den?"

"Sure," Humphrey says, "See you then."

Later, in Kate and Humphrey's den, Kate returns from her hunt, pulling a caribou
into her den.

"Right on time." Humphrey says, "Let's eat."

"So, what'd you wanna talk to me about?" Kate asks her mate while eating some of her part of the caribou.

"Oh, well I've been thinking," Humphrey says, "We've been together for a while and I was thinking it was about time we started a family of our own."

"I was going to ask you the same thing just now." Kate says, "I was thinking of having a few pups too."

"Not to mention I'd make a great father. Remember how well it went with me and the bear cub before I hit it with the snowball?" Humphrey says,

"Yeah, you would be a great father," Kate says, chuckling at what Humphrey said about the bear cub, "But you do realize the 'sacrifices' you have to make before we do 'it', right?"

"Yeah, I have to go to Alpha school learn how to hunt for you while your pregnant, no hanging out with my friends, no log-sledding," Humphrey says, a bit depressed,

"Yeah, those are what I'm talking about." Kate says,

"But hey, you're the most important thing in my life." Humphrey says, "So, when do we start?"

"Tomorrow." Kate says,

"Good enough for me!" Humphrey says as he and Kate enter the den to settle down for the night.
Chapter 5 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Like the title says, there's a golfing tournament and it's Wildflower's first time at it.
Hutch and Claw also have a little "Pep talk" about their mates and Humphrey wants to have pups with Kate, but he'll have to learn some "Alpha skills" before he does!
Stay tuned for the next chapter: Alpha Training! :D

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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"Nice try. But I sell the tricks, I don't by them."
-Zombozo (Ben 10)
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Here's the chapter where the pups come
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Here are my newest chapters:
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