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March 27, 2011
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Chapter 6: Alpha Training
- - - - -
The next morning…
"Up and at'em, Humphrey!" Kate says and Humphrey wakes up and instantly gets into sitting position.

"Trainee Humphrey reporting for duty!" Humphrey says, doing a salute.

"Wow, you sure are you energetic today." Kate says,

"Well, I gotta wake up early, don't I?" Humphrey says,

"That's true." Kate says, "Come on, you got training today."

"Right." Humphrey says, following Kate out of the den.

Soon, Kate and Humphrey reach an area where Garth and Hutch are waiting.

"Hey guys!" Kate says,

"Hey Kate, Humphrey." Hutch says,

"You two are early," Garth says, "Humphrey usually doesn't get up until half an hour later.

"Well, I had a headstart." Humphrey says,

"I can see that." Hutch says, "Why're you so energetic all of a sudden? You're usually all groggy and droopy eyed when you get up."

"Well, I thought since I was going to learn Alpha skills, I had to be an 'early bird'." Humphrey says, "But I know waking up early is just a small fragment compared to what I'm really going to learn how to do."

"You're right about that." Garth says, "So let's start."

"Okay. See you later Kate!" Humphrey says as he follows after Garth and Hutch.

"Later!" Kate calls back as she walks back to the dens.

Garth and the others lead Humphrey to a cliff, where Winston and Tony are waiting.

"Okay, for the first test, you have to climb this cliff until you reach the top." Garth says,

"Okay," Humphrey says, "Let's see if I can do this."

Humphrey easily climbs up the cliff, but upon reaching halfway, he loses his footing and is forced to hold onto a branch with his forepaws.

"I can't hold on." Humphrey says, then he loses his grip and falls, landing on a leaf pile at the foot of the cliff in the process.

"That didn't go too well." Tony says,

"Want to try again?" Winston asks Humphrey,

"Sure." Humphrey says, "I'm not giving up yet."

Humphrey tries to climb the cliff again, but one of his hind paws gets caught on a branch, he tries to free it, but he ends up falling again.
He tries again, but falls as well. This time, landing crotch first on a rock sticking out of the cliff, paralyzing Humphrey until he hits the ground after falling again.

After a couple more failures, Humphrey finally loses it.

"This is too hard!" Humphrey complains, "I can't do it!"

"You said that you were going to do alpha training." Garth says,

"Well I didn't think it'd be like this!" Humphrey says,

"Well, you have 2 options," Garth says, "Either you keep training, or forget about it. You pick."

"I think I need to take 30 to decide." Humphrey says, then he walks away.

"Then we'll be waiting until that time." Garth says,

Later, Humphrey is seen lying on a ledge, staring into space. Then Wildflower comes up.

"Hey Humphrey, What are you doing up here?" Wildflower asks her brother upon seeing him.

"Oh, nothing." Humphrey says in a depressed tone,

Wildflower, noticing something is wrong with Humphrey, walks over and sits next to him.

"You can't fool me there." Wildflower says, "Tell me, what's wrong?"

"Alpha training." Humphrey says,

"Alpha training?" Wildflower asks, "You're an omega, why would you need to train to be an alpha?"

"Yesterday, I spoke to Kate about having pups." Humphrey says, "She told me that'd I'd have to take her place during hunts while she was pregnant, so I decided to take alpha training. Didn't know it'd be this hard."

"Wow, you sure had a hard time." Wildflower says,

"Yeah," Humphrey says, "Now I can't decide whether or not to keep training. If I stop, then I can't have pups with Kate, but I will if I do keep going."

"Wow. You know, when I feel stuck in these situations, I think about the ones I love and what I'd do to help them, that usually helps me to help me keep going. You ought to try it."

"That just might work." Humphrey says, sitting up, "I'll try it. Thanks, Wildflower."

"No problem." Wildflower says, standing up and walks away.

Then Humphrey starts thinking about how much he loved Kate and how he'd help her the best he can. Soon enough, starts to feel confident and goes back the where Garth and the others were.

"Well?" Garth asks Humphrey upon seeing him.

"I'll keep going." Humphrey says,

"Very well," Garth says, "Let's go."

Humphrey and Garth walk over to the cliff Humphrey was supposed to climb.

"Okay, let's see if I can do this again." Humphrey says, then he starts to climb the cliff.

However Humphrey loses his footing and nearly falls, being forced to hold onto a branch sticking out of the cliff with his forepaws.

"Here we go again." Garth says,

"I'm not going to make it again." Humphrey says to himself as he starts to lose his grip, then his thoughts go to Kate and Humphrey's confidence builds up. "No. No, I'm not going down this time!"

Humphrey tightens his grip on the branch and digs his hind paws into the cliff and starts climbing again. Soon enough, he reaches the top of the and swings on a branch followed by a flip upon letting to land on the top of the cliff, much to Garth's amazement.

"Humphrey, you made it!" Garth yells up to Humphrey,

Humphrey looks around and realizes he did make it. "I did make it. Wildflower was right about the theory of thinking about the one I loved."

Then Garth climbs up to where Humphrey is without a problem and walks over to him.

"I've never seen an omega do that before." Garth says, "How'd you do it?"

"A secret me and Wildflower have." Humphrey replies,

"Really?" Garth says, "Then are you ready to pass the other tests?"

"Bring it!" Humphrey says,

"Okay, then," Garth says, walking off, "Come with me."

Humphrey and Garth arrive at a raging river where Winston and Tony are waiting and they tell Humphrey the next test.

"Okay, you have to get to Tony by croosing this raging river on that narrow log without falling in." Winston says,

"And if you do, you'll be swept away." Tony says,

"Okay then." Humphrey says, then he starts to cross the log. But soon he loses his balance.

"He's going to fall!" Tony yells out,

Humphrey however, regains his balance and thinks about Kate again. Soon enough, he makes it across the log.

"Made it!" Humphrey yells over to Winston and the others,

"Good work Humphrey!" Winston calls back, "Now let's move on to the next test!"

Winston and the others lead Humphrey to what looks like a relay track.

"For this test, you have to race against some alphas and win." Tony says,

"Okay then." Humphrey says, positioning himself on the starting line.

Soon enough, Humphrey finds himself going against Garth, Hutch, Claw, and Scar.

"On our mark, get set, go!" Tony calls out, then the five wolves start running down the track.

Garth takes the lead with Hutch right behind him, Humphrey starts to catch up to Hutch, but he crashes into a tree. He quickly recovers and runs after the group again, he manages to reach Claw and Scar, but he starts to become exhausted and slows down. Then Humphrey diverts his thoughts to Kate again and speeds past the other competitors and completes the race in a flash.

"Made it again!" Humphrey says, breathing heavily from running so fast.

"Good work, Humphrey." Winston says, "Take five."

"Okay." Humphrey says, then he collapses on the ground from exhaustion.

5 minutes later, Humphrey gets up and walks over to Winston and Tony, ready for his next test.
"Okay, for this test, you have to wrestle against Garth." Tony says, "If you
win, you pass to the next test. If you don't, then you'll have to try again."

"Agreed." Humphrey says, then he readies himself to fight Garth.

"Fight!" Tony calls out,

Humphrey tackles Garth, but Garth quickly gets the upper hand on him. Humphrey once against diverts his thoughts to Kate and begins to overpower Garth, Humphrey soon gains the upper hand and pins Garth to the ground, using all his strength as Garth tries to push him off.

"1, 2, 3, time!" Tony calls out, then Garth and Humphrey loosen their grip on each other and fall to the ground.

"Good work, Humphrey." Winston says, now you're ready for the final test: Leading a successful hunt."

"Yeah, I think I'm ready for that." Humphrey says,

Soon, Humphrey and the others was leading Garth, Claw, and Scar toward some caribou while Winston and Tony watch them.

Humphrey stops, crouching as low as he can into the tall grass, then he signals the others with his tail and they advance on the caribou and ready to attack them.

"Now!" Humphrey whispers and pounces onto one of the caribou and the others do the same.

The others manage to down their caribou easily, but Humphrey starts to lose his grip on the caribou and starts to fall off. Then Humphrey diverts his thoughts to Kate again and regains his grip on the caribou.

"Go for the neck!" Garth yells out, then Humphrey digs his teeth as hard and deep as he can into the caribou's neck, then the caribou falls to the ground as Humphrey jumps off, then the caribou dies off and Humphrey claims it.

"Good work Humphrey!" Winston calls down to him, then he and Tony climb down from their cliff and walk over to Humphrey.

"So, what're the results?" Humphrey asks Winston,

"Well, other than he failed attempts from earlier," Winston says, "You passed! You're now a pack leader ranked omega!"

"Really!?" Humphrey asks in an excited way,

"Yes, you passed your alpha training." Winston says, "You're now ready to take Kate's place during hunts, 'Alpha Leader' Humphrey."

"Thanks Winston." Humphrey says, "Boy, I can't wait to show Kate."

Later, at sunset, Kate is seen walking through a small brush heading for home, but a creature is seen stalking her. Then Kate gets a strange feeling and looks back, only to see no one there.

"Strange, I could've sworn I was being followed." Kate says, a bit confused.

Then Kate goes back to walking unaware of the creature just 3 feet behind her. Then, the creature pounces, tackling Kate and pinning the golden wolf on her back and she looks up to see it's someone she knows.

"Humphrey?" Kate asks.

"Pinned ya." Humphrey says.

"Really?" Kate says, rolling over, attempting to pin Humphrey back.

"Oh no, not this time!" Humphrey says, rolling over himself, pinning Kate again and uses his forelegs and hind legs to pin hers so she doesn't attempt to roll over again.

"Pinned ya again." Humphrey says, touching Kate's nose with his.

"I take it this is your idea of pinning me and winning for once?" Kate asks.

"Yes." Humphrey says, "But I also achieved my skills as an alpha and I wanted to show you."

"By pinning me?" Kate asks.

"Yes." Humphrey says, rubbing his nose on Kate's.

"Well, you convinced me." Kate says as she smiles at Humphrey,
Chapter 6 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic!

Humphrey has gone to alpha training and so far... he failed.
But some encouragement from his little sister, Wildflower, got Humphrey back up and he passed all the tests with flying colors and went from Trainee to Alpha Leader! Now he tells Kate he's ready for parenthood with her and even shows her his "Alpha skills", Kate's already down for having pups, but what about Lilly and Wildflower?

Find out in Chapter 7: Puppy Talk! :D

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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-------------------- :bulletyellow: 1st :pointr: [link] :pointl: 1st :bulletyellow: -------------------

Sorry for any "sexual themes" if nobody liked them. ^^;

Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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