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Chapter 7: Puppy Talk
- - - - -
Later, at night, Lilly and Garth are seen together, lying on their backs, watching the stars.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" Lilly asks Garth.

"Yes, it is." Garth replies.

"So, ever thought of becoming a father?" Lilly asks Garth

Garth was caught off guard by the question.

"Wait, what!?" He stammers, quickly getting into sitting position.

"You know, ever wanted to have pups?" Lilly repeats her question, still lying on her back.

"Well, I never thought about it." Garth says, "But I do have experience, what could be the harm?"

Meanwhile, Hutch and Wildflower are seen, also watching the stars.

"Nice night." Hutch says.

"Yes, it is." Wildflower says. "So, ever thought about having a family?"

"Come again?" Hutch asks.

"Ever thought of becoming a father?" Wildflower repeats her question.

"I never thought you'd ask." Hutch replies, getting into standing position.

"I thought so." Wildflower says, standing up too,

"That is if it's okay with you." Hutch says.

"It is." Wildflower says,

Meanwhile, Humphrey and Kate are seen walking to Winston and Eve's den and Winston and Eve spot them.

"There you are." Eve says, "What've you and Humphrey been up to?"

"Can you keep a secret?" Kate asks her mother, and she nods.

"Okay, but please don't take it out on Humphrey if you get mad." Kate walks up to Eve and whispers in her ear, "I think your going to become a grandmother."

"What?" Eve asks in a surprised tone, causing a look of horror to appear on Humprhey's face.

"Yes, I think I might be pregnant soon." Kate whispers in her ear.

"Kate, that's… amazing!" Eve says, nuzzling her daughter.

"I was hoping you'd agree." Kate says, nuzzling Eve back as Humphrey lets out a sigh of relief before nearly fainting.

"What happened?" Winston asks, walking up to the females.

"Kate thinks she's pregnant." Eve whispers into Winston's ear.

"What?" Winston asks, surprised by this.

"I think we're going to be grandparents, Winston." Eve whispers.
Then Eve walks up to Kate and Humphrey.

"Well, you might get into the den now. It's already bedtime" Eve says.

"Mom, stop treating me like pup." Kate laughs.

"I wasn't taking to you." Eve says, giving a glance at Kate's stomach.

"Oh, I see." Kate says. "Well, might as well get some sleep for tonight until morning."

Then Kate walks into the den as Winston and Eve follow.

"Care to join me Humphrey?" Kate asks him.

"Sure." Humphrey says, following Kate into the den.

"By the way Kate, have you seen Lilly?" Eve asks.

"No, I haven't." Kate responds, "I know she and Garth were going to have a little 'puppy talk' though."

"Then that means she might become a mother too." Eve says, "Oh well, Garth does care for Lilly and I don't mind her hanging out with him."

"True." Kate says, lying down with Humphrey next to her. "See you in the morning."

"Same here." Humphrey replies and the couple fall asleep.

The next day, Lilly wakes up next Garth. She looks around to see that she was in Tony's den on the eastern side of the territory. Then she stands up, stretching as Garth wakes up too.

"Good morning." Garth says to his mate.

"Good morning." Lilly replies.

"So, did the pups go through?" Garth asks.

"I'm not sure." Lilly replies.

"What went through?" Tony asks, awakened by their conversation.

"Dad, I think you're going to be a grandfather." Garth says to him.

"What?" Tony asks, surprised.

"Garth thinks he's going to be a father soon." Lilly says.

"Really, how'd this happen?" Tony asks.

"Well, it all happened last night when Lilly and I were talking about having pups. I told that I knew she didn't like that kind of stuff but she wanted me too. So she may have some new lives growing inside of her." Garth says.

"Hmm, well I never knew I'd become a grandfather so soon." Tony says, standing up and stretching his body, "Way to go, son."

"Thanks Dad." Garth says, "Might as well tell Winston and Eve now."

"Yeah, they're probably wondering where Lilly went." Tony says, agreeing with Garth.

"See you when we get back!" Garth says as he and Lilly run for the western side of the pack.

Meanwhile, Kate had just woken up and notices Humphrey next her, already woken up.

"Good morning." Kate says.

"You too," Humphrey says, "So, did it work?"

"We won't know for a week." Winston says, also already awake along with Eve.

"But you might as well hope those pups went through." Eve says.

Just then, Garth and Lilly enter the den.

"Hey Mom, Dad." Lilly says.

"There you are." Winston says.

"Where have you been?" Eve asks.

"Well, I was out with Garth last night and we had a little 'puppy talk'." Lilly
says, a bit nervous.

"You mean you think you're pregnant?" Eve asks and Lilly nods.

"What a small world," Eve says, "Your sister went through the same thing."

"Really?" Lilly asks.

"Yes," Kate says, "Humphrey did me before last night too."

"Cool." Lilly says.

"I wonder if my sister went through the same thing." Humphrey says.

"Why don't you just ask me yourself?" Wildflower says, walking into the den with Hutch.

"I'm guessing the answer is 'Yes'." Humphrey says, noticing the proud looks on Hutch and Wildflower's faces.

"You answered correctly." Wildflower responds, "But we won't know for a least a week."

"True." Winston says, "But we might as well make the best of it."

"Okay," Humphrey says. "I was looking forward to catching some caribou anyway."

"Okay," Garth says, "Come along, you have a lot to learn."

Garth, Hutch, and Humphrey leave the den to find some caribou for their mates and Eve and Winston leave too.

"So, what should we do?" Wildflower asks Kate and Lilly after Eve and Winston exit the den.

"Like Dad said," Kate says, "We'll make the best of it."

One week later…
"Okay Humphrey, remember how to do this?" Garth asks, slowly crawling up to few caribou with Humphrey and Hutch,

"Go for the neck and don't let go until the body stops shaking? Got it." Humphrey says,

"Good, now let's do it." Garth says as he jumps out of the grass and lands on the back of one caribou and digs his sharp teeth into the neck, then the other two wolves follow and do the same to the others, in a matter of seconds, the caribou went down, dead.

"Yet another successful hunt." Humphrey says,

"Now let's get these caribou to our mates," Hutch says, "They're probably pregnant after this long and I don't want to miss to feel Wildflower's pups kick for the first time."

"Right!" Garth and Humphrey say as they follow Hutch while pulling in their kill.

Then Humphrey reaches the den where Kate was.

"There you are!" Eve says, running up to Humphrey, "I've been looking for you!"

"Why, what is it?" Humphrey asks,

"Just come in, quick!" Eve says,

And with that Humphrey drops the caribou and runs into the den to see Winston standing next to Kate, who's lying down with a proud look on her face.

"What happened?" Humphrey asks,

"Why don't you feel for yourself?" Kate asks, rolling onto her back with Winston helping.

"You mean-?" Humphrey asks, looking toward Eve, who nods.

Then Humphrey walks over to Kate and places one of his paws in her stomach, then Humphrey feels something bump his paw, surprising him a bit.

"I don't believe it." Humphrey says, looking at Kate, "We're…"

"Yes." Kate says,

Then Humphrey nuzzles his mate, "Just how many pups are in there?" he asks,

"I don't know," Kate says, "I thought I'd let you count them."

"Okay," Humphrey says, then her moves paw around on Kate's stomach, feeling the pups kick every time he moves his paw,

"One… Three?… No, two… Two… Two pups? Wow, and I thought we were going to have more!" Humphrey says,

"Me too." Kate says,

"Hey, Eve," Humphrey says, "Can you get that caribou I ditched out there?"

"Sure." Eve says and exits the den, then she comes back in pulling the dead deer.

"You know, I wonder if Lilly or Wildflower's pups came through." Kate says,

"Yeah, me too." Humphrey says.

Meanwhile, not too far from Winston and Eve's den, Hutch drags his kill into his
and Wildflower's den.

"Wildflower? I'm home!" Hutch calls and Wildflower comes from the back of the den.

"Oh, Hutch. Perfect timing." Wildflower says, walking over to Hutch.

"Why, what is it?" Hutch asks, dropping his kill.

"Look." Wildflower says, turning her body to the side, showing she gained some

"Oh my…" Hutch says, surprised.

"Yes." Wildflower says, "I'm pregnant."

"Well, have you counted them yet?" Hutch asks,

"No. I didn't want to check without you." Wildflower says,

"Okay, then why don't you lie down and we'll check together?" Hutch says,

"Okay." Wildflower says, walking to the back of the den and lies down on a leaf pile used for a bed and rolls onto her side, almost on her back. "Okay, go ahead."

Hutch places a paw on Wildflower's stomach and moves it around, feeling the pups inside.

"One… Two… Three… Three pups? Wow, we've got quite a family here." Hutch says, checking the pups,

"We sure do." Wildflower says, "kissing" Hutch.

"Now how about we eat?" Hutch asks as he walks off and drags the caribou to Wildflower.

"Sure." Wildflower says as she slowly walks off the leaf pile and walks toward the dead caribou.

"Okay, then. Those pups must be hungry." Hutch says.

Then Winston walks into the den.

"Hutch, you have a moment?" Winston says,

"Sure Winston." Hutch says, standing up and walking toward the opening. Then he turns back to Wildflower. "Wait here."

"Okay." Wildflower says,

"Yes Winston?" Hutch asks the elderly gray wolf,

"Just wanted to tell you that Kate's pups came through." Winston says,

"Really?" Hutch asks, "How many?"

"Two." Winston replies,

"Wow," Hutch says, "To tell the truth, Wildflower's pups came through too."

"How many?" Winston asks,

"Three." Hutch replies,

"Three?" Winston asks in surprise, "Humphrey will sure be surprised about this."

"Then why don't you tell him?" Hutch asks Winston,

"Okay, I'll tell the others the good news." Winston says, walking off, "Later!"

"Later!" Hutch replies as he reenters his den to join his mate for their meal.

"So, what was it?" Wildflower asks her mate,

"Kate's pups came through." Hutch says, "She has two."

"Wow," Wildflower says, "I'll bet Humphrey is happy."

"But wait until Humphrey hears how many you have." Hutch says in a joking way, "Winston just left to tell him now!"

Wildflower laughs at Hutch's comment, "You sure got the message through you handsome devil." she says, nuzzling him.

"You got that right." Hutch says back to her.

Meanwhile, on the Eastern side of the territory, Garth had just pulled the dead caribou he had into his father's den.

"Dad, Lilly? I'm back!" Garth says, pulling in his kill,

"About time." Tony says, walking up to Garth, "Lilly was looking for you."

"Why?" Garth asks, dropping the dead caribou.

"She wants to show you something." Tony says, pointing to the back of the den where Lilly is.

Then Garth walks up to Lilly and notices she has a proud look on her face.

"What is it?" Garth asks his mate,

"Look." Lilly says, slowly rolling onto her back showing her stomach had gotten bigger.

"Don't tell me…" Garth says with a surprised look in his face.

"Yes," Lilly says, "It worked, we're going to be parents." Then Lilly nuzzles Garth.

"Congratulations you two." Tony says, "Never thought I'd become a grandfather this soon."

"Well surprises do come in small packages, don't they?" Garth asks,

"True." Tony replies,

"So how many pups have got in you?" Garth asks Lilly,

"I don't know yet." Lilly says, "But I know they're kicking already."

"Really?" Garth says, lifting a paw to Lilly's stomach, "May I?"

Lilly nods her head and Garth places a paw on Lilly's stomach and something bumps the paw.

"Yep, they're kicking alright." Garth says, "Now let me see…"

Garth moves his paw around on Lilly's stomach, feeling the pups inside her.

"One… Two… Three… No, wait… Two… Two pups? Wow! For moment I thought you had more." Garth says, counting the pups as he feels them.

"I thought so too." Lilly says.

"Tony!" A voice calls from outside the den.

"Excuse me." Tony says to Lilly and Garth and exits the den to see Scar standing there,

"What is it?" Tony asks the scarred brown wolf,

"I got news from the western side and Lilly may want to hear about it." Scar replies,

Lilly and Garth hear Tony and Scar talking to each other.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Lilly asks Garth,

"I don't know." Garth says,

"Seriously?" Tony asks in a surprised tone to Scar,

"Yes sir, it's true." Scar replies,

"Okay," Tony says, "I'll tell Lilly and Garth the news."

Tony returns to the den and walks up to Garth and Lilly.

"Well?" Garth asks,

"Kate and Wildflower came through." Tony says,

"What?" Lilly asks, confused a bit,

"You're going to be an aunt." Tony says, trying to make what he said more specific and surprised look appears on Lilly's face as well as Garth's.

"Kate's going to have pups too? How many?" Lilly asks, excited about the news,

"Two, just as many as you have." Tony says, "And Wildflower also has pups, three to be exact."

"Wow, I'm going be the uncle of five pups? This'll be interesting." Garth says, surprised.

"Well, should I tell Kate and the others the news about you having pups?" Tony asks Lilly.

"Sure." Lilly says, "I'd love for them to know."

"Okay then." Tony says, leaving the den and walks up to Scar, "Scar, send a message to the western side, Lilly's also going to have two pups as well."

"Yes sir." Scar says, running off toward the western side of the valley.
Chapter 7 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Well kids, it looks like Lilly and Wildflower got impregnanted after all! :D
So far, Kate has 2 pups, Lilly also has 2, and Wildflower has 3. It appears that Winston, Eve, and Tony are excited about becoming grandparents! :aww:
But how will they deal with carrying the pups until they're born?
Find out in Chapter 8: Carrying the Unborn!
Sorry about the "cheesy" title. ^^;

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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