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April 11, 2011
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Chapter 9: Start of New Families
- - - - -
2 weeks later…
Hutch, Garth, and Humphrey (who was starting to gain a muscular build) had once again successfully taken down some caribou and were dragging them back to their dens and their mates were due to give birth anytime now. Humphrey had arrived back to his den, dragging his morning kill to Kate.

"Here you go." Humphrey says, dropping the caribou.

"Thanks." Kate says and she starts to eat the caribou.

"One things for sure, being a father is not easy." Humphrey says,

"At least you're not the one carrying two unborn pups in you." Kate says,

"You got that right." Humphrey says,

"Humphrey!" A voice calls from out of the den.

"Sounds like Mom." Kate says, "But she doesn't sound angry."

"I'll go see what she wants." Humphrey says leaving the den.

Humphrey walks out and sees Winston and Eve coming up.

"You called?" Humphrey asks Eve.

"Yes," Eve says, "Just wanted to know how Kate and the pups were doing."

"They're doing just fine." Humphrey says, stretching his body, "But they sure wear me out from having to go hunt and back."

"Well, it's already been a month so Kate's pups should be coming soon as well as Lilly and Wildflower's." Winston says,

"Really?" Humphrey asks,

"Yes," Winston says, "I already told Tony, then I was going to tell Hutch and Wildflower the same thing."

"Okay," Humphrey says, "Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem." Winston says and he leaves for Hutch and Wildflower's den.

"So how soon do you think the pups will come?" Humphrey asks Eve,

"According to me," Eve says, "Soon, very soon."

Just then, Kate's water broke.

"Mom, Humphrey! The stork is landing!" Kate calls to the pair and Eve runs into the den as if in shock while Humphrey stays out, confused by what Kate said

"'The stork is landing'? What does she mean by that?" Humphrey asks himself, then he remembers, "Oh! THAT stork!"

Then Humphrey runs into the den and stops next to Kate.

"Oh boy, it's landing alright!" Humphrey says, lying down next to Kate, "Remember Kate, we practiced this, just breathe, and push!"

"Okay," Kate says, "Mind if I hold onto your paw?"

"Sure." Humphrey says, lifting one of his paws to her.

Then Kate grabs Humphrey paw, squeezing it so hard she was nearly juicing the blood out of it.

"Just… go with the pain." Humphrey says, wincing from the pain of Kate's grip.

"Okay Kate, now breathe and push. Breathe and push." Eve says, trying to comfort Kate.

"Okay." Kate says, taking in a breath and pushes.

Just then, a little fire-red pup appears from behind Kate and she, Eve, and Humphrey are amazed at the sight of it.

"It's a girl." Eve says,

"One down, one to go." Humphrey says,

"Okay, but you did this to me." Kate says, trying to stay calm.

"Hey, you wanted to start a family too." Humphrey says.

Meanwhile, in Hutch and Wildflower's den,

"Hey there." Winston says, walking into the den.

"Hey Winston." Hutch replies, what brings you here?

"Just wanted to let you know that--"

Just then, Wildflower's water broke.

"Hutch, they're coming!" Wildflower says, trying to stay calm.

"That's what I was going to tell you!" Winston says as he and Hutch rush up to Wildflower.

"It's okay, I'm here for you." Hutch says, holding Wildflower's paw.

"Okay now Wildflower, just remember, breathe and push, breathe and push." Winston says.

"Okay." Wildflower says, doing the procedure.

Then a dark gray and white pup comes out from behind Wildflower.

"It's a boy." Winston says,

"Okay, two left." Hutch says, "Now try to stay calm."

"Okay," Wildflower replies.

Meanwhile, in Tony's den on the eastern side of the territory,

"When do think they'll be coming?" Garth asks, "Lilly's been like this for a month now."

"Soon, hopefully." Tony says, "I also just wish they'd just come out so we can see their beautiful faces."

Wish granted.

Lilly's water broke, "Garth, Tony, they're coming!" Lilly says in a panicked tone.

"Oh lord!" Garth says as he and Tony rush up to Lilly.

"Don't worry Lilly, I'm here." Garth says, holding his mate's paw.

"Okay, you're doing good." Tony says, "Now just take a breath and push."

"Okay." Lilly says nervously and does as told.

Just then a ball of rust-red fur comes out from behind Lilly.

"It's a boy." Tony says, "One down, one to go."

Just then, a bluish gray and light gray ball of fur comes from Wildflower.

"It's another boy." Winston says.

Then a black ball of fur comes out of Kate.

"It's a boy." Eve says,

"There you go Kate." Humphrey says, "They're out."

Then Kate starts to calm down. "Thank you." Kate says.

Just then, a blue-silver and pink ball of fur comes out of Wildflower.

"It's a girl." Winston says.

"Finally, I'm done." Wildflower says, starting to calm down.

Just then, a small white pup comes out of Lilly.

"It's a girl." Tony says.

"There you go." Garth says, "You're done Lilly."

Then after what seemed to be half an hour of pain, Kate was lying on her side, nursing the two pups she gave birth to.

"They're so beautiful." Eve says, admiring Kate's new pups, "I got to admit Humphrey, I may not trust you a lot, but you sure do produce some fine pups."

"Thanks." Humphrey says, then he turns to Kate, "So what do you think we should name them?"

"I was thinking we could name the girl Wildfire." Kate says, "After all, her fur certainly looks like one."

"Wildfire, that's perfect for her." Humphrey says, "What about the boy?"

"I thought you'd like to name him." Kate replies,

"Okay, now let me think." Humphrey says, thinking of a name for the black male pup, "How does 'Jet' sound?"

"Good, but why?" Kate asks,

"I just have this feeling that someday that name will have a meaning for him." Humphrey replies,

"Now that I think about it," Kate says, "I have that feeling too. I'll go with the name you picked, I think it's perfect for him."

"Okay, Jet it is." Humphrey says.

Then Eve starts walking out of the den and Kate sees her,

"Mom, where are you going?" Kate asks,

"I'm going to tell the others the good news." Eve says,

"Okay," Kate says, "See you when you get back."

Then Eve walks out of the den in search of others to tell about Jet and Wildfire's birth.

Meanwhile, Lilly was nursing her newborn pups with Garth and Tony watching.

"Quite a cute litter I must say." Tony says,

"Indeed they are Dad." Garth replies, then he turns to Lilly, "So, Lilly, have you thought of names for the pups yet?"

"Well, considering the boy came first, I thought you'd like to name him." Lilly says,

"Okay," Garth says, thinking of a name for his new son, "How about Hunter? I have a feeling that name may have a meaning for him later on."

"Sounds good to me." Lilly says, giving Garth a nuzzle,

"What about the girl? You want to name her?" Garth asks,

"Sure," Lilly says, "How about Star? She's as bright and beautiful as one."

"I like it."  Garth says,

Then Garth and Lilly notice Tony walking away.

"Dad?" Garth says, catching Tony's attention, "Where are you going?"

"I was going to tell the pack the good news, might even spread it on to the western side and Lilly's side of the family." Tony replies,

"Oh, well go ahead," Lilly says, "I'd like the others to know too."

"Very well then." Tony says, and he walks out of the den to tell the good news to the pack.

Meanwhile, in Hutch's den, Wildflower had already nursed her pups and they were asleep.

"Cute, aren't they?" Hutch asks Winston,

"Indeed they are." Winston replies, admiring the sight of the new pups.

"So, what do you think we should name them?" Hutch asks Wildflower,

"I already named the girl," Wildflower says, looking at the blue-silver pup with a pink stripe running down its back, "Lupa. It's latin for she-wolf. I think it suits her."

"I think it suits her too." Hutch says, nuzzling Wildflower, "I also named the one boy there."

Hutch glances at the small dark gray pup, "Aatu, I always wanted to have a son with that name. It's German for noble wolf and I have a feeling he might be that kind of wolf someday."

"I like it." Wildflower says, "Now all that's left is that one."
Wildflower glances at the small blueish-gray pup, "How does Ralph sound?"

"I'm okay with that." Hutch says, nuzzling his mate.

"I thought you'd like it." Wildflower says, licking her mate on the muzzle.

"Well, I can see the 'five' of you are busy," Winston says, standing up, "So I'll go tell the others about the newborns."

"Okay, see you later." Hutch says and Winston leaves the den.
Chapter 9 of my Alpha and Omega fanfic.

Well, what do you know? The pups came through after all! :D
It sure seems Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, Garth, Hutch, and Wildflower are happy to be parents now. :aww:
But how things go in the future for them? Stay tuned for Chapter 10: Family Bonding Times, to find out!

Please comment if you fav.
Do not copy, edit, or distribute without my permission!

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Alpha and Omega belongs to Crest Animation Productions, this is just my idea for a sequal to the film. ;)
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Sonic2125 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love scenes like these. Funny and touching
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Yeah, I love the moments where the parents spend time with their kids. :D
WildfireOfFireClan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hey you got some popular names for Hutch's pups there
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
Why, thank you. :)

Just wait until they grow up. :D
WildfireOfFireClan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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RockWolf577 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
it's cool to have kate and humphrey to have their kids practicualy at the same time, so that they don't have to remember their birthdays so much, and so does for garth and lilly, and also for hutch and wildflower(and to all 7 pups to have the same birthday, not to be mixed up about that)
peace out from rockwolf577
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
Yeah, that's a good thing about them being born at the same time. :XD:

Not to mention Winston, Eve, and Tony were also excited about the pups when they came. :D
creepsome Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Huh, this is indeed a proud day for everyone
DarthGoldstar710 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Yep, it sure is. :)
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